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Welcome to Tangent

“Let Friendship Continue” Tangent Logo

  • Birmingham Conference and AGM...

    Birmingham 2016 National Conference and AGM –...

    Birmingham 2016 National Conference and AGM – Go Go Go Tangent!!!!! Between the 14th and 17th.April 2016, the Birmingham Conference Team present [...]

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    Birmingham Conference and AGM -2016
  • Upcoming Regional Lunches...

    If you have never attended...

    If you have never attended a Regional Lunch – give it a go! Local clubs work incredibly hard to put [...]

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    Upcoming Regional Lunches
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Line...

    Tangent Members, if you love...

    Tangent Members, if you love cruises this is an amazing offer – and if you have never tried one, this [...]

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    Fred Olsen Cruise Line Offer
  • Facebook – Did you...

    Tangent has its own Facebook...

    Tangent has its own Facebook Group…. Why not join today! Keep in touch with members ofrom the 4 Club Family [...]

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    Facebook – Did you know you can find us there?
  • Tangent 2016 Conference –...

    It’s that time again… the National...

    It’s that time again… the National Conference will take place in Birmingham 14th -17th April 2016 and the National Exec need [...]

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    Tangent 2016 Conference – Proposal and Nomination forms
  • Tangent Sales are now...


    TANGENT SALES ARE ONLINE! Visit the new Tangent Sales pages at for gifts, badges, clothing and more! [...]

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    Tangent Sales are now online!
  • Interested in Tangent……?...

    Tangent is a women’s club...

    Tangent is a women’s club for (mostly!) the over 45’s! Together with members of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 [...]

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    Interested in Tangent……?
  • Regional Lunch Photo Galleries!!!...

    Don’t forget to look at...

    Don’t forget to look at the gallery of photos that we have gathered from the Regional Lunches Follow this link: [...]

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    Regional Lunch Photo Galleries!!!
  • Welcome to Tangent...

    Welcome to our new website! Many...

    Welcome to our new website! Many people have worked hard to bring something new and fresh, and I hope as the [...]

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    Welcome to Tangent


Find the details of upcoming regional lunches and special events here:


Click here to find your nearest club using our interactive Club Finder directory.


For more information about Tangent please contact members of the National Executive.



About Tangent Clubs

The National Association of Tangent Clubs is an organisation for women, mainly aged over 45, with a focus on making friends and enjoying a programme of interesting and fun activities, eating out, theatre, walks as well as sometimes supporting local and national causes through fundraising events.

We enjoy the fellowship of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club and together we are the 4 Club Round Table Family. We also have links with Tangent Clubs across the world and are part of Tangent Club International. Tangent Clubs can be found across Great Britain– why not take a look around our website and using the Club Finder, look for a club near you! Click here to find your nearest club using our interactive Club Finder directory.

Hull Tangent 750 are organising a golfing day playing for the Yorkshire Tangent Friendship Trophy 2016. It is open to any member of a Yorkshire Tangent club who has a current ‘Congu’ handicap certificate and will take place at Hessle Golf Club on Thursday 19th May 2016.

Hosted by Shirley Tangent 86 The Midland Regional Lunch 2016 will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016 at the Stratford Manor Hotel. The speaker will be Jennie Storr who will entertain you with ‘Why can’t a man be more like a woman?’

Hosted by Cheadle and Gatley Tangent 448, the Northern Regional Lunch will take place on SUNDAY 3RD JULY 2016 at The Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow Road, Woodford, Cheshire SK7 1RJ

Alex - photo - May 15





The President of the National Association of Tangent Clubs 2015 -16, Alex Voller

You can find out more about what our President, Alex Voller is up to by looking at the link in the menu options and by reading her blog. If you want to invite Alex to a meeting, please look at her diary and complete the booking form…. she would love to come if you invite her!!