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Vice President & Membership – Jill Harris

Vice President & Membership – Jill Harris




Jill Harris Vice President

I would like to thanks everyone that attended the AGM and had the confidence in me to elect me as your Vice-President for 2017-18, I am very honoured and extremely scared as to what this will all mean

I have had experience on your National Executive having been your National Treasurer for the last 2 years. I have some idea of what the job entails with my late husband Vaughan having been National President of both Round Table and 41 Club. Through this I have made lifelong friends and can now travel the length and breadth of the British Isles and all around the world knowing there is someone close by if I need any help.

I am looking forward to acting as your membership officer. I feel this is a very important role not just within Tangent but the other clubs as well. During my time of being associated with the 4 club family, I have introduced many people to all the clubs. I am currently helping the setup of new LC in the UK and one abroad and have already spoken to quite a few members leaving Ladies Circle as to their best way forward into Tangent. I have helped start a 41 club; been involved with the setup of  RT clubs in both UK and abroad, I feel that I am in quite a privileged position being quite well know (although I say it myself) in all the 4 clubs.

I hope to build on previous Vice President’s work and maintain and strengthen the links with the membership officers in the other  4 clubs and promote events from them that we can attend and help them with and vice versa; together we are stronger.

If we all mentioned all the clubs when speaking to those outside the organization then we should be able to gain members for all the associations.

Wear your Tangent badge with Pride; talk about the Club we all love; tell the  local papers what you do and put photos and texts on social media. This will encourage those looking for a new club to call you and join.

If your club is struggling and you are thinking you may close then please please contact me first, I may have some ideas to help you and would be only too happy to come to meet you at a time suitable for both of us.

If you have any membership questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have a question then it is likely that others are asking the same thing. I will try and get some answers put on the website to help others so please ask on however small or trivial you think it is. My email is always on and read daily wherever I am   –   [email protected] 

If you have an important anniversary coming up in my President’s year, please contact me as soon as you are starting to plan as I do still work(and if I don’t I can’t pay my bills!). I need to get dates in as soon as possible. Unfortunately  there are some dates I will not be able to do if long distance travelling is required, but I will try and ensure that a member of the current executive or a Past National President is able to attend if I can’t juggle the dates.  My diary is already up and running please use the link on the website and for any queries email myself or my diary Convenor John Kilshaw on [email protected]

Remember No is not an option. There is always a work around it. Don’t just say No. Think about it first and see what you can actually do. You may be surprised at what you come up with.

Yours in continued friendship

Jill Harris
Tangent National Vice President & Membership 2017-18

[email protected]