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Upcoming Regional Lunches

Upcoming Regional Lunches

Upcoming Regional Lunches

If you have never attended a Regional Lunch – give it a go! Local clubs work incredibly hard to put on these really great events –  a great lunch – great entertainment and great company. The lunches are an opportunity to meet up with old friends, network a bit and meet new people.

Regional Lunches take place throughout the Tangent year, taking place in each of the seven Tangent regions;

Wales ♦ Northern ♦ Scotland ♦ South West ♦ South East ♦ Midlands ♦ Ireland

Upcoming Lunches with confirmed arrangements:

Northern Lunch – Saturday 17th June  2017

Scottish Lunch – Saturday September 16th 2017

South West Lunch – Saturday September 23rd 2017

South East Lunch –  Saturday November 18th 2017

Midlands Lunch – Saturday February 24th 2018

Scottish Lunch – Saturday May 12th 2018

To find out more and for booking details follow the link from the Regional Lunches tab

If you or your club are interested in organising a Regional Lunch, email Jilly King, National Admin Officer: [email protected]