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Tangent Denmark 30 Charter Anniversary 2012

Tangent Denmark 30 Charter Anniversary 2012

On Saturday 27 October 2012 Tangent Denmark celebrated their 30 Charter Anniversary in conjunction with their Half Yearly Meeting. Bill and I were very pleased to be able to attend together with Gill and Ralph Preston. Attendance exceeded all expectations with overseas guests from Sweden, Germany, and Norway as well as the UK. This meant a move to a bigger venue for the Friday evening social gathering which actually was a good opportunity to see the hotel which will be used as one of the venues for their Conference in April. We were made very welcome and well looked after.

The meeting on Saturday was held at the college of Art and Design in Kolling We were shown amazing fabrics, shoes and clothes in various stages of design during a walking tour of the building to burn off the calories from a good breakfast and make room for a fantastic lunch which was beautifully presented. The Head of Department was able to explain the history of the faculty and why it was such a popular choice with students working its way up the league tables. I found the relationship they had with industry particularly interesting as they encouraged manufactures to come to them with their problems and were getting very successful at working to provide the solutions.

After lunch the HYM commenced with an update on the year, a new club was chartered and Else Tradsfeldt ( Founder President of Tangent Denmark 1982 and now a life honorary member) made the 3 minute speech which was a fascinating insight into their history with many mentions of our dear Ros Raper. Songs were sung, a few tears shed, lots of laughter then time for guests to present their gifts and greetings before sharing a glass of fizz and birthday cake.

We then took the opportunity to have our first joint meeting under the governance of the MoU as all signatories were present. It is so rewarding to see this growing and developing. The Norwegian Tangents will be Chartering their National Board in Oslo on 31/5/13 and have asked Tangent Denmark to present their Charter..