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Directory Entry Form

You may update your Club information here at any time using the form below (Note: when using the on-line Directory update form there is NO NEED to also send a paper copy, please complete ALL fields):

Note: The Club Contact should be responsible for handing the mailings to the Club Secretary or the Club Treasurer as appropriate and distributing the Tangent News at the Club meetings.

Club Details

Club Name

Club Number

Club Gmail (Create One Here)

Club website/Facebook page

Region (Region List)

Number of Magazines required. These will now be sent out in packs of 5 (the default is two packs of 5 = 10 magazines). Please indicate how many packs you require for your club.

Number of Full Members

Meeting Day

Meeting Week

Other Frequency

Do you accept discretionary members?

Primary Club Contact

Primary Contact name

Post Held

Email address


Address 2

Address Town

Address County

Address Postcode

Home Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number

Alternative/Secondary Club Contact

Alternative Contact Name

Post Held

Email Address


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Home Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number

By supplying this information I agree to it being held securely by the National Executive for use in the business of the Association and acknowledge receipt of the Association’s Personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation

Please complete this form as soon as possible after your AGM, or at any event by 30th June.

By supplying this information you agree to:

  • it being held securely by the National Executive for use in the business of the Association
  • the Club details and the Contact’s name, address, email and telephone number being included in the NATC internal printed Directory
  • it otherwise not being released to any third party, unless required by law.

It would be most helpful if someone in your club would set up a club gmail address which can be included on the Club Finder and also for the new Directory.

Here are the instructions for creating a Google eMail account.

Google eMail – AKA Gmail

As agreed at the AGM in Llandudno in April 2013, Clubs should register a generic gmail email address for publication in the National Directory. By handing over the username and password to a new Club Contact or Secretary, the Club email may be passed on including all the archived emails.

Click this link Create Google Account and fill in the form to open your new Google mail account. You can call your new account any name you wish but it must be a name unique to Google, the system will tell you if the name you have chosen has already been taken, if that is the case, pick another. We suggest you use [email protected] with ‘yourclubname’ being your Club name.

Gmail does not supersede, overwrite or in any way interfere with your existing email provider.

You will need to provide your current email address so Google can send a verification email to you and will need to verify that you are a human being and not a robot, by filling in the random phrases as requested in the box provided.

This really is a simple task and should take no longer than two minutes. Once set up Google mail is accessed via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) and not via an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Once you have logged on to Gmail,, your browser will remember your login details so from then on you just need to go to Gmail and your email will automatically open.

And that is it.

Keep a note of the username and password you have used and you can log on to your email from any computer or tablet anywhere in the world. You can then hand on the details to the rest of your members and importantly to the next Club Contact in your club.

Gmail comes with 10Gb of free online storage so you should NEVER have to delete an email again and it also has one of the best spam filters in the world so you should see very little unsolicited email.

Please make sure that the very first email you send is to inform the National Executive Administrator  [email protected] that you have now set up the brand new gmail address for your club. This is the only way she will know.