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Regional Lunch Organisers Form

Regional Lunch Organisers Form

Please use this form to submit the details of your Regional Lunch.

These details will be used to complete the ‘Application for Lunch Tickets’ form that is then made available on the website.

All forms will have the text requesting details of Past National Officers, dietary and access requirements plus details of the availability of a Tangent sales table.

Regional Lunch guidelines



Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Region hosting luncheon

Date of luncheon

Name and Club number of hosting Club

Venue (Inc. address and postcode)

Reception (time and what is on offer)

Lunch (Time starting)

Application by (Nominal closing date for tickets)

Ticket (Cost and what is included ie. 'glass of wine')

Speaker (Name and if necessary what they speak on)

Details of any retailers other than Tangent Sales table

Name address and postcode of member receiving ticket applications

Telephone and email of member receiving ticket applications

Cheque's should be made payable to: (Club account name)

Anything else that you would like to be included on the booking form