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The National Executive are working hard to provide opportunities for members to get involved in events and continue to have ‘contact’ during this difficult time when we must follow social distancing rules.

With this in mind, a number of online activities that will be posted up as they are arranged. The National Executive looks forward to welcoming you to these events.

We have already had a Zoom Quiz, and a Coffee morning and Afternoon Tea this week. Next week there will be a Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday 19th May starting at 8pm- for more details contact the Editor: [email protected]

Next we present a Quiz, in three parts!

For details about the Quiz: Quiz – covering note 1

Quiz Round 1: City Travel Posters –  Quiz Round 1 – City Travel Posters

Quiz Round 2: Logos – Quiz Round 2 – Logos

Quiz Round 3: Film Posters – Quiz Round 3 – Film Posters

Sheet to enter your answers on: Tangent Quiz Answer Sheet (1)

These documents will be sent to your Club Contact, and you can find all mailings, including the Quiz links HERE