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The President and Executive of the National Association of Tangent Clubs would like to offer their condolences to the families and friends of those members included below. They and their fellow Club members are in our thoughts at this sad time.

Please write or email information about your obituaries to the National Editor. Written obituaries will be put on the website and the name and club of your member who has passed will be included in the following edition of  Tangent News. If you wish to include a picture in an obituary please email a suitable photograph to [email protected]

Please note that if you include the date that your member passed away the record will be included in that month, otherwise they will be entered in the month the information is received. Obituaries will be published on the website for two years.

  • Sheila Smith (Founder Secretary) -Wanstead & Woodford Tangent Club No. 476
  • Sue Hollowat – Amersham Tangent
  • Anne Tuck – Dereham Tangent 791
  • Olive Isabel HarveyDunmow & District Tangent Club 32 (Founder Member)
  • Carol HumphreyDunmow & District Tangent Club 32 and Northampton Nene 591
  • Marian Chatterton – Wombwell Tangent Club 466

Wombwell Tangent club 466 are sad to announce the death of founder member Marian Chatterton

  • Rosaline Fowkes – Wessex Link Tangent 881

I first met Ros in 1976.  My husband and I had recently moved from Guildford to Chippenham in Wiltshire.  We were in our early 30s, both working full-time and anxious to make new friends in a new area – so Mike joined round Table and I joined Ladies Circle – one of the best things we ever did.  Ros and I made friends at once. She and her husband, Grahame, were originally from Birmingham – they were about 9 years our senior and he was already in 41 Club.  I soon found that Ros and I were kindred spirits – we were both interested in Circle activities, not just within our own local branch, but beyond.  She wasn’t extrovert or loud – but she was very sociable and a good mixer.  She accompanied me for many years to all sorts of functions – Open Evenings, Charter Anniversaries, Regional Lunches – you name it, we were up for it, whether it was in London or Bournemouth.  I always drove – Ros was a nervous driver – and I never minded being chauffeur – she was such good company.  Chippenham was a small Circle (never more than a dozen members) and Ros went through all the offices, including being Chairman twice.  She believed in doing things properly but was never bossy – just quietly organized and wanting everyone to enjoy themselves.  She was patient, kind, compassionate and the sort of friend you could confide in.  Smart as paint, with a hat for all occasions, she would talk to anyone – she had a real interest in other people.  Chippenham Circle, sadly, closed in 1986 – Ros had moved on into Tangent by then – I transferred into Melksham and Corsham Circle – but it made no difference to our activities – we carried on going to everything there was.  She was thoroughly reliable, always prepared to volunteer, whether it was making cakes or booking a speaker.  She was as committed a member of Tangent as she had been of Circle – did various offices, and again, did Chairman twice.  When I finally joined Chippenham Tangent in 1991, I found that what I missed most about Circle was the opportunity to meet up regularly with old friends from Area 5.  Sheila Ponsford (Gordano Valley), who was Tangent National President 1998-99, told me about “cluster clubs” – which sounded great – so Jane Fornear (Keynsham) and I founded Wessex Link Tangent 881  and we affiliated in 1999.  Ros was one of the first to sign up and came to all the meetings until 2013 (when old age began to tell) – sometimes as my passenger, sometimes she did her own thing and hopped on a train – she was still going back regularly to the Midlands Regional Luncheons.  We were both getting older – but her sense of humour and her friendliness were the same as they’d always been. Ros really embodied the Tangent motto of continued friendship.  My other hobby was amateur dramatics and Ros came to see all my shows, right up to my last performance in 2011.  As the years passed, we didn’t see each other as often but we still met up regularly at 41 Club functions and when we did, we just picked up where we’d left off – that’s the way with old friendships – all those shared memories.  It was a shock to receive a ‘phone-call from her daughter to say that Ros had died, only six months after her initial diagnosis of cancer – and that Grahame had had a fatal stroke on the very same day.  She was an exemplary member of both Circle and Tangent and she was my dear friend for 40 years.  I shall miss her dreadfully.


Founder Chairman

Wessex Link 881

  • Elizabeth Heywood – Sutton Coldfield Tangent Club No.7
  • Trudie Tolman – Seisdon and District Tangent Club No.387


  • Wendy Ryan – Seisdon and District Tangent Club  No.387
  • Pauline Heath – Seisdon and District Tangent Club No.387
  • Beryl Hanby – Northallerton and Thirsk No. 107
  • Margaret Ritchie – East Kilbride tangent Club No.451

East Kilbride Tangent sadly intimate the death of their Founder chairman, Margaret Ritchie

  • Gwyneth Holroyd – Batley 670

The members of Batley 670 are deeply saddened to announce the passing of their long- time friend Gwyneth Holroyd. She is now at peace.

  • Eileen Kimpton – Sutton Coldfield Tangent Club No. 7

It is with great sadness we have to announce the death of Eileen Kimpton who was a  Past Area 27 Chairman, Area 27 Treasurer and Regalia Officer, also Chairman of Sutton Coldfield Tangent Club No. 7

Eileen (age 73) had heart problems and was in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham for a major operation, Eileen had been in the Queen Elizabeth for many weeks and never really recovered from the operation she died on  21st   February 2018.

  Eileen was currently Sutton Coldfield Tangent Treasurer and will be greatly missed for her energy, effort, and support she gave to us.

We are all devasted we did not expect this.

We have no details regarding her funeral as yet further information can be obtained from Barbara Lloyd Club Secretary.

  • Jean Unwin – Yeovil Tangent Club No.285
  • Ann Davies – Yeovil Tangent Club No.285
  • Avril Critchlow-Bishopbriggs and Kirkintilloch No 511
  • Hanni Begg – Guisborough & District 692
  • Audrey Dutton – Gosport Tangent Club 174 Gosport Tangent Club intimate the death of Audrey Dutton, a Founder member of Gosport TangentClub 174, at the age of 92.Tangent was formed on March 20 1969.Audrey was Chairman 1973/74, and was also treasurer for a number of years. She was a very active member throughout, and has been an inspiration for many of us. It is a very sad loss and she will be greatly missed by all.
  • Irene Wakeman – Brierley Hill 156
    Brierley Hill Tangent 156 sadly announce that Irene Wakeman passed away on 8th September 2017.
  • Anne Fawcett – Lagan Valley Tangent 707
  • Diana Hateley – Aldridge Tangent 586

It is with immense sadness that we have to announce that our Founder Chairman Diana Hateley passed away following a courageous battle with cancer. Di was a wonderful flower arranger belonging to Walsall Flower Group for over 50 years

  • Sandy Byron – Tring & District 455
  • Aileen Pollard – First in Ireland No. 140
  • Barbara Creighton – First in Ireland No. 140
  • Betty Turkington – First in Ireland No. 140
  • Heather Parkin – First in Ireland No. 140
  • Evelyn Roe – High Wycombe No. 170
  • Phyl Tottle- Taunton Tangent 199

It is with regret that Taunton Tangent 199 advise that their founder member Phyl Tottie died on 29th August 2017, aged 87 years. Phyl was friend, mentor and inspiration to so many. It is only in the last year that Phyl’s attendance has fallen off. Taunton Tangent have and will continue to miss her bubbly personality and smiling face.

  • Patricia (Tricia) Barnfield – Fareham Tangent 92

Fareham Tangent 92 have great sadness in announcing the death of Founder Member, Past Chairman 1970/71 and Honorary Member Patricia (Tricia) Barnfield on 26th August 2017 at the age of 89 years

Tricia was a member of Surbiton Ladies Circle, where she was Chairman, moved to Southampton in 1958, to Reigate in 1962 and to Fareham in 1966 where she was Tangent Chairman in 1970/71 before moving to Oxford in 1772. She returned to Fareham in 1978.

In the years before her stroke in 2015 she attended meetings whenever she could and was made an Honorary Member last year which pleased her greatly.

She will be sadly missed.

  • Mollie Bentley – Heswall Tangent Club 308
  • June Owen – Heswall Tangent Club 308

Heswall Tangent Club 308 sadly report the deaths of two of their long standing members. Both sadly missed.

  • Judith Boulton Booth – High Wycombe Tangent

Sad passing of Judith Boulton Booth 9th September 1943 – 2nd July 2017

We first met Judi through Round Table and Ladies Circle and our friendship continued in Tangent.   She was Chairman of both clubs and President of Ladies Circle.  

Judi epitomised the ethos of the Club’s “Friendship”.  She loved Tangent and exuded enthusiasm for it as she did for life.  She was a very thoughtful and caring person. 

The first Gulf war happened during her time as Chairman of Tangent and because one of our members had a son out there, Judi found a way we could help the Troops.  She organised  members to fill shoe boxes  with needed items. 

We sent 37 boxes and in each box there was a card signed by a Club member.  This was typical of her caring and practical approach to life.

 Judi was the only member who understood and could explain ‘substantive motions’, which she did very precisely at many an A.G.M. !!!.

Judi was a superb and meticulous cook and hostess, always keen to find out about other people’s culinary experiences and share recipes. 

Some of us remember making 150 beef burgers for a Round Table event, the cooking marathon took place in Judi’s kitchen and an awful lot of alcohol helped the giggling chefs !

Black pepper was a favourite ingredient of Judi’s,  so much so she always carried a little gold pepper mill in her bag.

We will always remember Judi with great affection for her tremendous sense of fun and her smiling face. 

Carole, Janet, Penny, Sheila and Pauline (just some of Judi’s closest and oldest friends).  From the rest of Tangent – we will all miss Judi greatly

  • Eileen Russell – Kendal Tangent Club 545

It is with regret that Kendal Tangent Club have to tell  of the death of one of their long standing members Eileen Russell. Eileen had been unwell for several months & died on 13th July. Eileen had recently celebrated her 80th birthday with her family.

  • Yvonne Davenport – Mansfield 147
  • Judy Archer – Stratford Upon Avon 740

Stratford Upon Avon 740 sadly report the unexpected death of our Chairman Judy Archer on 26th May 2017.  Judy had also been a member of Shirley 86 Tangent & Ladies Circle

  • Judith Gomersall – Chepstow and District Tangent 628
  • Bernie Stephenson – Great Missenden Tangent No 722

It is with great sadness that we report the peaceful passing of Bernie Stephenson on Sunday May 28th surrounded by her family.
Bernie had been Ladies Circle Chairman in the early eighties, before founding the Great Missenden Tangent No 722 on September 1986 for which she held key roles in the development of the club. Bernie will be very much missed by us all but we have a strong membership and will carry on her legacy we hope for many years to come.

  • Barbara Barraclough – Batley Tangent 670

Batley Tangent 670 sadly report the unexpected yet peaceful death of our founder member Barbara Barraclough.

  • Dorothy Bell – Oxford

National President 1991 – 1992

The National Executive sadly reports the death of our President 1991 – 92, Dorothy Bell

    • I was deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of Past National Presidents Ros Raper and Dorothy Bell and would like to share my memories of them with my fellow Tangent members.
    • My first meeting with Ros was at the 1985 Tangent A G M and over the years we met many times at Tangent events and socially and one occasion I remember very well.
    • Ros and Bob’s daughter lived in Stonehaven , with her family, not far from where we lived in Banchory. One Christmas Day Ros and Bob joined us for drinks, we had a lot of lying snow and during the morning a lot more fell and I began to wonder if our turkey would stretch to 30! Luckily everyone made it safely home to their family’s.
    • I met Dorothy at the same A G M where I met Ros again over the years at Conferences P N O reunions . The memory I easily recall is when as N P being invited to visit Oxford T C .
    • I was hosted by Dorothy and Roger in their home and in the afternoon , prior to the meeting, Dorothy took me on a tour of The Bodleian Library which was marvelous. At meeting I was given a set of table mats and coasters showing scenes Oxford , which have been used over the years but since moving to my new home are in daily use and as I write these words they are in front of me, a lovely memory.
    • I send my most sincere condolences to both Ros and Dorothy’s family and friends, I will remember them both for the happy times we shared .
    – Liz North, President 1987 -88
  • Ros Raper – Portsmouth & Southsea No 44

Past National President and longstanding member of our Tangent Club Ros Raper, sadly died on April 5th 2017 after a short illness . She was 91.

Ros was always very enthusiastic in whatever she did. She was an active member of Portsmouth and Southsea Ladies Circle, holding many offices including Chairman, but it was in Tangent that she really came to the fore. She became Chairman in 1979/80 and again in 1997/98. She became National President in 1982/83. At the end of her year in office she presented a rose bowl to NATC which is still used today for formal Tangent occasions.

She loved travelling, both personally and within Tangent. She helped to form Tangent in Denmark and was still in touch with some of their members until recently.

Ros continued to go to every Tangent meeting and Rally that she possible could and even when she was getting frail she would get to our meetings and we would take her where possible. She loved the musical theatre and delighted in any cabarets that we put on both in Circle and Tangent. Ros was always keen to encourage members to get involved, visit other Tangent clubs and take office within our club. She also met up with any past national officers that she had known, when she could.

Ros was particularly interested in children and youth activities both locally and abroad, particularly in lndia where she continued to try to raise money for a school. Ros was a Governor of several local schools, a J.P. and a member of Havant lnner Wheel. She was also an enthusiastic golfer and member of Rowlands Castle Golf Club.

Ros leaves her husband Bob, her son and daughter, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren,as well as many friends from her very full life.

A few years ago we granted Ros life Hon. Membership of our Tangent in recognition of all that she had done for us and Tangent as a whole. We will all miss her great spirit and enthusiasm for life and especially for Tangent and we will all remember her with great affection.

Ros Rapier

National President 1982 -1983

The National Executive sadly reports the death of our President 1982 – 83, Ros Raper

Tangent Denmark sadly report the death of their Chartering President.


  • Coral Roberts – Ottery St Mary Tangent Club 687

Ottery St Mary Tangent Club 687 sadly report the death of our member Coral Roberts.

  • Anne Marfleet – Belper Tangent 183

Belper Tangent 183 sadly report the death of our member and five times chairman Anne Marfleet.

  • Margaret Parker – Northallerton and Thirsk 107

Northallerton and Thirsk 107 sadly report the death of our member and chairman 1986 – 1987 Margaret Parker

  • Pat Howells – Maesteg Tangent Club

Maesteg Tangent Club sadly report the death of their founder Chairman Pat Howells aged 90. Pat was also a founding member of Maesteg Ladies Circle in 1968

  • Avril Tweedie – Dundee Tayside Tangent 438

Dundee Tayside Tangent 438 sadly report the death of our member Avril Tweedie on 12th February 2017

  • Gwen Masterson – Formby Tangent

Formby Tangent sadly report the death of our senior member Gwen Masterson

  • Geraldine (Gerry) Carter – Rugeley & District Tangent 319

Rugeley & District Tangent 319 sadly report the death of our founder member Geraldine (Gerry) Carter

  • Liz Brown – Weston-super-Mare Tangent 214

Weston-super-Mare Tangent 214 sadly report the death of our  member Liz Brown

  • Carole Schofield – Thornton Cleveleys Tangent 317

Thornton Cleveleys Tangent 317 are sad to announce the sudden death of our treasurer Carole Schofield 3.8.1941 to 28.1. 2017. She joined Ladies Circle in 1963 and was an active member of Circle and Tangent holding many positions of office both locally and in Area 35.
Married to Lee who died in 2015, she had two daughters Amanda and Heidi and eleven grandchildren who were her love and her joy. Carole was a keen golfer and even after her cancer returned she refused to let it limit her. Our lasting memory is of a very vibrant, positive lady, always smiling despite adversity. We shall miss her.

  • Doreen Thomas- Todmorden Tangent 244

Todmorden Tangent 244 sadly report the death of our member Doreen Thomas

  • Barbara Finney – Todmorden Tangent 244

Todmorden Tangent 244 sadly report the death of our member Barbara Finney

  • Nina Taylor – Chepstow and District 628

Chepstow and District 628 sadly report the death of our member  Nina Taylor

  • Andrea Evans – St. Albans Tangent No. 114 

It is with great sadness that St. Albans Tangent No. 114 report the death of longstanding and much loved member Andrea Jean Evans  unexpectedly on 19th December 2016 aged 72 years. Loving wife of Derek, mother to Rhodri and Cerys and a glamorous granny.

Andrea devoted much of her life to both Ladies Circle and Tangent undertaking many posts within Ladies Circle.  She was St. Albans Ladies Circle 133 Chairman, Area 21 Chairman,  Ladies Circle National President 1991-1992, Ladies Circle International President 1993-1994 and was made a life member of Ladies Circle Romania. During her time as International Chairman she travelled widely and forged a close relationship with Round Table and Ladies Circle in Romania and was often found to be hosting youngsters from Romania when they visited our country. She worked tirelessly with children in the Hospices of Hope. and became a trustee.

She was also very active in St. Albans as a church warden of her local church, a member of the Flower Guild at St. Albans Abbey, a member of St Albans Cursillo and she supported Pleshy Retreat House.

She will be remembered fondly for all of her hard work here and overseas and the way she embraced life and brought a lot of fun and laughter to many lives.


  • Joan Oldfield – Ripon Tangent 267

JOAN OLDFIELD (1926-2016)

Joan was a valued member of Ripon Tangent 267 from 1976. She was chair in 1998-99. Joan was also a past Ladies Circle National President .

Joan lived life to the full, as well as being a very active Tangent member she belonged to many other clubs and associations.
A kind, loving, selfless lady, Joan was always there to listen and support. She was interested in everyone and everything, as well as being a very interesting lady herself.
Her smile would light up any room and her quiet, gentle ways would spread a lovely warm glow and calmness over proceedings.
She will be truly missed by everyone who knew her.

  • Jacky Wood – Bognor Regis and Chichester Tangent Club 394

Bognor Regis and Chichester Tangent Club 394 sadly report the death of our member  Jacky Wood

  • Mollie Davey – Bognor Regis and Chichester Tangent Club 394

Bognor Regis and Chichester Tangent Club 394 sadly report the death of our member Mollie Davey

  • Jane Ann Bennett –  Newbury Tangent 287

Newbury Tangent sadly announce the death of Jane Bennett (12th January 1936-10th November 2016). She was a brave lady, and despite her illness, always had a smile!
She was always interested in others, and had been very active, enjoying the game of golf.
Our sympathies are extended to John and his family.

  • Olwen Rowley – Brierley Hill Tangent Club 156

Olwen Rowley 14th April 1931 to 3rd November 2016

A well loved and committed member of Brierley Hill 156 Tangent Club who will be dearly missed. A very helpful and kind person who was rarely without a smile. Thank you for your love, friendship and company over many years Olwen from Brierley Hill Members.

  • Mary Tompkinson -Stockton-On-Tees and District Tangent Club 479

It is with great sadness that Stockton-On-Tees and District Tangent Club 479 announce the death of our friend and member Mary Tompkinson on 6th November 2016. We will miss her.

  •  Betty Gough – Keynsham and District Tangent Club No 104

It is with such sadness that we have to report that Betty passed away peacefully in her sleep on Saturday 19th November 2016. Betty had been lost to us for over two years and it saddened us all to watch her decline.Betty joined Keynsham and District Ladies Circle No 287 in February 1961 and was inspired upon leaving Circle to form our Tangent Club and be our founder Chairman in 1967-1968.

At our AGM in 2014 we made Betty a life honorary member of our club as a mark of the deep admiration, love and respect that we all had for her and the support she always gave the club and its members.

Betty was a very caring and lovely lady and will be greatly missed by the many friends she made during her time in both clubs and our sincere sympathies go to her children and grandchildren.

  • Elsie Tomlinson – Ripley 158

Ripley 158 are sorry to announce the death of their longstanding honorary member Elsie Tomlinson who died at the age of 102 in the Meadows Nursing home Alfreton.

Elsie and her husband Sid ran the Holly Bush Inn where many 41 club and Tangent meetings and meals were held during their tenancy.

  • Georgie Wilson – East Kilbride and District Tangent 451

East Kilbride and District Tangent 451 sadly report the death of our member Georgie Wilson

  • Pat Brudenell – Wallington and Carshalton Tangent 898

Wallington and Carshalton Tangent 898 sadly report the death of our member Pat Brudenell

  • Isobel Reid – Brampton, Longtown and Border Tangent

Brampton, Longtown and Border Tangent sadly report the death of our member Isobel Reid on 12th October 2016

  • Anne Alexander – Holywood Tangent
Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander who has died aged 66, married Dennis in 1969, she became actively involved in the family clothing and retailing business in management and as a fashion buyer
An active supporter of Cancer Research and Christian Aid charities, Anne was also a member of the local church choir. A most engaging and popular member Anne served in various roles and was Chair in both Cookstown Ladies Circle and latterly in Holywood Ladies Tangent.
Anne and Dennis have three sons, Gary, Keith and Peter and are blessed with six grandchildren.
Anne Alexander, a beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend, born 3 August 1949 and died 6 July 2016. Sadly missed by us all.

  • Maureen (Mo) Davies – Welshpool Tangent 345

Welshpool Tangent sadly report the death of our member Maureen Davies “Mo”.

  • Jenny Over – Camberley Tangent 277

Camberley Tangent 277 sadly report the death of our member Jenny Over.

  • Mary Watson – High Wycombe Tangent 

Mary Watson aged 60 passed away peacefully at home with her husband John and her sons close by on 4 September 2016 after a short battle with cancer. A past President of High Wycombe Tangent whose members miss her fun and friendship.

  • Jean Bailey -Harpenden Tangent

Harpenden Tangent regret to inform you that member Jean Bailey passed away on 27th August 2016.  Jean had been a member of Harpenden Tangent since 1985 having transferred from Alsager Tangent.  During this time she held many positions including Treasurer, Secretary and then Chairman in 1990-91.  As someone who was always ready to help and support everything she sill be sadly missed.

  • Ann Brambley – Camberley Tangent 277

Camberley Tangent 277 sadly report the death of our club president Ann Brambley.

  • Isobel Money – Dereham Tangent 791

Isobel passed away peacefully at home on July 29th after a short battle with motor neurone disease, aged 63 years. Married to George, Isobel had moved to Dereham in recent years, and leaves her husband, daughters Anna, Jennie and Jayne, step-children Gavin and Kate and grandchildren.
Isobel had been a member and chairman of Lowestoft Ladies Circle, which unfortunately has since folded, Area 51 Chairman 1992-93 and Ladies Circle National Sales Officer. In recent years Isobel had joined Dereham Tangent meeting up with many of us who had known her from her Circle days.
Isobel was a lovely and fun-loving lady who will be missed by all of us.

  • Helen Hamilton – Burntisland 888

To Our Friend Helen.

It’s time to say goodbye the noo!
We will always remember the times we were fu!
Of love, laughter, folly & va va voom
Your lovely smile lit up every room.

Your fun and affection inspired us all
From a tangent lunch to a circle ball
Our time together was far too short
And you are alway in our hearts and thoughts.

Our dearest Helen
Dasvidaniya. Au Reviour. Ta Leme

  • Jill Baker – Ashby-de-la-Zouch 416

Jill was a member of Ashby-de-la-Zouch Ladies Circle, having lived in the town most of her life. A keen past chairman, she joined Tangent and was a very valued member holding the post of secretary and was chairman twice. She was instrumental in raising money for the haemophilia society, in memory of husband Ron. They both died too soon and Jill will be sadly missed by all who knew her, especially daughters, Heather and Dawn, grandson Christopher and granddaughter Martha.

  • Kathleen Keighley – Haworth and District Tangent

Haworth and District Tangent sadly report the death of our member Kathleen Keighley (8th August 1930- 4th July 2016)

  • Betty Craddock – Walsall Tangent 9

Walsall Tangent 9 sadly report the death of our Member Betty Craddock

  • Pam Smart – Newbury Tangent 287

It is with great sadness that Newbury Tangent 287 announce the death of our much loved member Pam Smart on 10th July 2016.

Pam was Chairman of Newbury Tangent from 1999-2000. She was a great supporter of many local charities, and always thought of others.
We will miss a dear friend, who had a heart of gold.
Our thoughts go out to John and all the family.

  • Betty Kirkham – Minehead 216

Minehead 216 sadly report the death of our member Betty Kirkham

  • Judith Lindsay –  Aylesbury Tangentptu9zdtr

Judith Lindsay – 7th November 1944- 20th June 2016.

It is difficult to capture in words how much members of Aylesbury Tangent were shocked at the loss of Judith, a truly dedicated member of the club who gave her utmost at all times. Over 228 people were seated at her funeral and at least 78 standing.

Judith and her husband Brian were a perfect match. They met at the Young Conservative Club and literally built their home together in Aylesbury. There they had two children Katie and Stewart and five beautiful granddaughters Isabel, Lucy-May, Hannah- Maria, Alice and Emma. Her family and friends were Judith’s love and joy. The girls all gave truly touching tributes to their wonderful Nanna a very brave thing for them all to do and they were word perfect. She has instilled in them her zest for life and love of dancing.

Aylesbury Ladies Circle and Round Table gave them both the socialising they enjoyed. No event was without this popular couple. Judith’s talent made her a natural choice to choreograph the routines for many a club meeting performed throughout world from Hong Kong to Europe or within Aylesbury.

A popular Chairman of both Tangent and Ladies Circle, she was known for her smile, humour, style and grace. Always immaculate she would have been pleased to have just visited the hairdresser before she went into hospital. An excellent cook she held the title amongst her friends as “the sticky toffee pudding queen.” She was an avid traveller (a separate wardrobe was set aside for her cruising outfits). This’s year was Judith and Brian’s 49th wedding anniversary and a family cruise was planned. Unfortunately Brian will still go but without his soulmate, her unexpected death was something nobody could foresee. When somebody dies before we are expecting it is the worst kind of surprise.

Judith herself would say she was blessed. We were all blessed to know her.

  • Gwenda May Marsden – Haworth and District Tangent

Haworth and District Tangent sadly report the death of our member Gwenda May Marsden (28th October 1928 – 11th May 2016)

  • Shirley Griffiths -Aylesbury Tangent

Shirley Griffiths late member of Aylesbury Tangent died after a short illness on 19th of May 2016. Shirley was so much to so many. A wonderful wife to Brian mother to the late Peter, Jeremy and Sue . Shirley was a popular and efficient Chairman of Tangent on two occasions. We shall all miss her greatly.

  • Jill Smallwood –  Erdington 100

Erdington 100 sadly report the death of our member Jill Smallwood

  • Aileen Channon – Erdington 100

Erdington 100 sadly report the death of our member Aileen Channon

  • Meryll Jones – Clevedon & District

    Meryll Jones

Clevedon & District are very sad to report the passing of Meryll Jones on the 24th May. Meryll had been Chairman of Clevedon Circle and Tangent clubs as well as taking on various other committee posts over the years. She loved Tangent and was a staunch supporter of everything we did even after she became too ill to come to meetings. Her husband Jim sadly passed away last year; they were a great double act, very sociable and always ready for a party. For many years they were regulars at National Conference, enjoying the fun and fancy dress, and were extremely popular with everyone they met.
Meryll was a warm, friendly and caring person; she took a great interest in our families and always wanted to know what the children and grandchildren were doing. She loved meeting new people and getting to know new Circlers and Tablers. Everyone loved her and she will leave a huge hole in our club.

  • Sue John – Northfleet (Gravesham) Tangent

Northfleet (Gravesham) Tangent were sorry to lose one of their members, Sue John, on Saturday 28 May.   Sue was our Chairman in 2012/13 and was one of the liveliest of our members.   She was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumour in the Summer of last year taking her away from our meetings – she was greatly missed at a local Quiz Night which we attend occasionally particularly for her great knowledge of music.   Our thoughts are constantly with her family – husband Trevor, daughter Abby, son-in-law David and grand-children Joseph, Jessica and Isabelle

  • Alison Burt – Westerham 739

It is with great sadness that Westerham Tangent 739 share the sad news that Alison Burt passed away on 4th April 2016. Alison was a founder member of Westerham Ladies Circle and a founder member of Westerham Tangent. Alison was an amazing cook; she and her sister Kate ran a restaurant in Westerham for a number of years, husband Peter was an week-end wine waiter.

This restaurant served Sunday teas for many months as a fund-raising exercise for Westerham Ladies Circle.

Alison and Peter were great hosts and Westerham Tangent and partners enjoyed many of their social gatherings. Westerham members have many happy memories of New Year parties which Alison hosted and organised with ease!

She was a warm, funny and generous lady; innovative and imaginative in fundraising circles, and enormously popular with those with whom she came into contact.

Alison had a number of roles within the community of Westerham, including being a very valuable member of the Hospice in the Weald fund-raising committee

Alison will be sorely missed in our community and we send our condolences to husband Peter and all her family.

  • Joyce Whittaker – Cross Hills and District Tangent 838

Joyce Whittaker died suddenly, aged 94, in hospital on the 25th of March after a fall at her home. Joyce was a founder member of our club and has been our Honorary Member for a few years
now and continued to come to meetings up to quite recently.
When she decided that meetings, especially evening meetings, were too much for her we made a point of visiting her regularly. She entertained us with her fantastic memory. She continued
to complete a newspaper crossword until she went into hospital.

  • Angela Reed – Liskeard and Looe Tangent 737

Angela joined circle in 1981 and at the age of 64 was still an honorary member with them as well as a very active member of Tangent.

She had always been very passionate about both organisations and together with husband John being in Table and 41 club made many lifelong friends.

  • Midge (Margaret) Benton – Albrighton & District 420

Albrighton and District 420 Tangent sadly report the death of our long standing and greatly respected member Margaret (Midge) Benton.

Midge was the founder member of Albrighton Tangent in January 1977 having previously been very active in Ladies Circle at local and Area level for many years. She was also Chairman in 1987-88 and 1995-96.

Midge was enthusiastic about everything connected with Tangent and Ladies Circle and the fellowship was important to her. She has always been very keen to play her part both in Albrighton and Bridgnorth; she rarely missed a meeting and frequently attended joint and Area meetings.  Midge’s knowledge of the running and rules of Tangent were excellent and we frequently referred to her for advice.

Midge filled her life with many interests and always ready to participate and to share and offer help in any way she could.

Midge was very caring and was greatly respected by her wide circle of friends. She was interesting and knowledgeable with an enthusiasm for life which was an example to us all.

Midge was a very brave lady who will be sorely missed.

  • Mary Barton (formerly Mary Cole)– Harwich

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Mary Barton.

Mary was founder member of Harwich Ladies Circle and was Chairman and Area Chairman in 1958-59. Her lasting legacy to Area 31 was the Mary Cole Trophy whereby Circles within Area 31 compete against each other which over the years has included anything from baking cakes, tiddlywinks to making cocktails. These events were always lots of fun. She was also a founder member of Harwich Tangent and was Chairman in the 1970’s.

Our thoughts are with Mary’s family at this sad time.

  • Cicely Johnson – Weston-super-Mare 314

Weston-super-Mare 314 regret to announce the death of Cicely Johnson. Cicely was one of the Founder Members of Weston-super-Mare Tangent and she passed away very suddenly at the beginning of February.

  • Winifred Mitchell – Amersham 68

It is with much regret that Amersham 68 announce the death of Winifred Mitchell on 15 February 2016. Winifred was a past member of Amersham Tangent and Chairman 1979-1980. She celebrated her 90th birthday in June, and although she had left Tangent some years ago, she was in regular touch with several of our members. Prior to moving to the area, she had lived in the Derby area where she had been in Ladies Circle. She will be much missed and our thoughts are with her family.

  • Dorothy Felstead – Hutton & Shenfield 666

Hutton & Shenfield Tangent 666 regret to report the sad death of Dorothy Felstead, who was a founder member of our Tangent. Dorothy was 79 and had suffered with bad health for many years, but she was a fighter and we all hoped that she would fight again this time; but it was not to be. Dorothy will be missed and all our thoughts are with Peter her husband, her children, Hilary, Jackie, and Andrew and all her grandchildren

  • Hazel McCall –  Pinner 171
  • Pauline Peart – Durham 391

It is with much regret that Durham Tangent No 391 report the death of long serving member, Pauline Peart on Friday 5th February 2016.  Pauline was a much loved and talented member and will be greatly missed.

  • Ann Markley – Bletchley 111

It is will great sadness that Bletchley Tangent 111 report the death of Ann Markley.
She joined Circle in 1972, & was Chairman in 1979/80 Ann was always willing to help & was a stickler for making sure that everything was done correctly. Ann supported all main events, Area & International, and whilst in Tangent was our national delegate for many years.
She is survived by her husband Rod who together worked as National Editor for Tangent News  for many years.
She will be sadly missed.  Our thoughts go out to Rod & their family.

  • Freddie Keey – Thornbury 400

It is with great sadness that Thornbury Tangent announces the death of Freddie Keey on January 6th 2016. Freddie was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of both Ladies Circle and Tangent, and a wonderful friend to us all. She was Tangent Chairman three times, in 1999-2000 and for two consecutive years from 2005-2007. She was also a very efficient secretary and, for many years, speaker finder. We shall all miss her.

  • Linda Papworth – Weston-super-Mare 314
  • Nina Andrewartha – Shirley 86

Shirley 86 are sad to announce the death of Nina Andrewartha who sadly passed away on Friday 8th January, 2016 and is sadly missed by all her family and Tangent and 41 Club friends

  • Janet Young – Market Harborough 224

Janet Young



1943 – 2015




It was with shock and great sadness that we learnt over Christmas time that Janet Young had suffered a bleed to the brain on 23rd December and passed away in the early hours of 24th December 2015.

Janet was an active and supportive member of our Tangent Club throughout her long and happy membership, and was Chairman in 1984/85 and 1999/2000, as well as being Secretary on numerous occasions.

Janet will always hold a special place in the hearts of Market Harborough Tangent members old and new.   Janet really embraced life, was a vibrant and effervescent lady who took a positive approach to all she undertook.  Janet will be sorely missed by us all, and we are all grateful that we had the opportunity to share her friendship.

  • Jenny Bickley – Battle 696

Battle 696 regret to announce the death of Jenny Bickley who was a founder member of their club.

  • Denise Nan Gray – Rothwell & District 513

Members of Rothwell & District Tangent have been saddened by the untimely death of Denise Gray on 30th December 2015 at the age of 81.  A lifelong friend of many of the members, Denise was a founder member of Rothwell & District Ladies Circle in the late 1960’s playing a key role in its formation becoming Chairman in its second year.  When Tangent was formed in 1980 she became Chairman for the first time in 1982-83 and again in 2003-2004.  Denise was a respected member, her thoughts and ideals always valued and never questioned and she will be sadly missed by all who knew her.  She leaves a husband Peter, sons Michael and Simon and six grandchildren

  • Sheila Lewis – Bradford Fairfax 139

It is with great sadness that Bradford Fairfax 139 report the death on 23rd November of Sheila Lewis. Sheila was a founder member of Fairfax Ladies Circle and also a founder member of Tangent.
Sheila was a very loyal member of both Clubs and was a good friend to everyone. She will be sadly missed.

  • Lydia Black – Tiverton 55

Tiverton 55 regret to announce the death of Lydia Black. Lydia was a founder member of our club. She was a wonderful member and we will miss her

  • Eve Lockyer – Tiverton 55

Tiverton 55 regret to announce the death of Eve Lockyer . Eve was a founder member of Tiverton Ladies Circle. She was a wonderful member of our club, and we will miss her.

  • Hilary Bale – Caversham 532

Hilary Bale






10TH June 1940 to 25th September 2015

It is with the deepest sadness that Caversham 532 and Reading 81 report the death of Hilary Bale – a founder member of Caversham Ladies Circle in 1970 and later a member of Caversham Tangent 532 and Reading Tangent 81, serving as Tangent Chairman on at least two occasions.

Hilary was a very active, devoted member of both clubs, direct in her approach, generous in everything, extremely kind, caring and very liberal with her hospitality.  She was a special and unique lady who gave her utmost at all times with a very positive attitude to whatever was needed.  Being a devout Christian she has left a legacy of inspiration and example and we have a wonderful library of happy and lively memories over the last 45 years.  Hilary will be greatly missed by so many, especially her Tangent friends. We extend our sympathy and love to her husband John and children, Mary, Philip and Tessa and all her family.

  • Irene Mennie – Inverurie & District 650

It is with great sadness that Inverurie & District Tangent 650 have to announce the passing of one of our long serving members Irene Mennie – a truly lovely lady who will be missed by us all.

Irene Mennie, 1931 – 2015 was a very loyal member of Tangent and always looked forward to the Club meetings. She was a  very busy lady who loved cooking, dressmaking and looked after a very large garden. Irene was a teacher before she retired. Her interests included being an elder of one of the local Churches, an R.N.L.I. committee member and a member of the local Floral Art Club. One of her pleasures was to attend Floral Art Conferences in Peebles which she always thoroughly enjoyed. Mah Jong was another interest which provided both fun and companionship.

Over the last two years she coped so well and bravely with her illness. She died quite suddenly on 15 September 2015.

  • Anne Winscom – Petersfield 66

Past National President 1980-81

Petersfield Tangent Club 66 are saddened by the death of a founder member of their Club, Anne Winscom.   Anne was a stalwart member of the club and was Chairman on several occasions.  She was National President in 1980/81.   Anne was born into a farming family and in her teenage years was a leading member of a Young Farmers’ Club, meeting her husband Peter there.  She ran a large dairy farm with her husband with great precision and expertise as well as bringing up a family and being a key member in Ladies Circle, Tangent and WI.   She was an excellent cook and marmalade maker, nothing phased her and she was always ready to help with any project.   She will be sadly missed.

  • Heather Henshaw – Mansfield 147

It is with great sadness that Mansfield Tangent 147 report the death of Heather Henshaw aged 68 years.

Some people make such a difference in our lives, by simply being who they are. They make the world a better place and when they’re gone, we realise how lucky we are to have known them. Heather was such a person. She lived life to the full and touched the lives of so many people.

Heather was awarded an M.B.E. in recognition of her charitable work, including the NSPCC, for whom she worked tirelessly and passionately for the past 44 years to make a difference to the lives of children.

At a Ladies Circle meeting in 1970, we heard a speaker from the NSPCC and this sparked Heather’s life-long commitment to this exceptionally worthwhile cause. Since her death the NSPCC have named one of their rooms in their London Headquarters, the Heather Henshaw room, such is their regard for her.

For many years Heather was a Mansfield District Councillor; the most glamorous Councillor, Mansfield has ever known!! She was a dedicated and enthusiastic worker and became Chairman of the Council.

Somehow we always believed that Heather’s amazing and unique spirit could, and would, defeat her illness (both Leukaemia and Myloma), and it is impossible to accept that she finally lost her battle. Heather was an inspiration, speaking so calmly of her devastating situation, without the slightest hint of self-pity, and moreover with great humour as she recounted stories of her latest brush with the NHS,

Heather was a truly dedicated member of Ladies Circle and Tangent, and a dear friend to all. She leaves behind, husband John, children Cherry and Ben and 4 grandchildren.

It is her dazzling smile, her wonderful laugh, her dancing eyes, her warmth and kindness towards everyone that we will always remember.

Heather Henshaw was a truly remarkable woman!

  • Yvonne Curry – Reading 81

It is with much sadness that Reading Tangent have to report that Yvonne Curry, one of our youngest members aged 63, passed away on 12th July 2015 from Oesophageal Cancer.  Yvonne had been unable to attend any meetings since last Christmas and our thoughts are now with her three daughters and her grandchildren

  • Hazel Waldon – Keynsham & District 104

It is with great sadness that Keynsham & District Tangent 104 have to report that Hazel passed away on the 28th July 2015 after a short illness, some 13 years after she was widowed.

Hazel transferred to Keynsham and District Ladies Circle No 287 from Plymouth in January 1971 shortly before her retirement from Circle and joined our Tangent in April of that year, becoming our chairman in 1977 – 1978.

Hazel was very active in the local community, a member and past president of the local Inner Wheel until its closure. On the sporting side she played tennis until she was 80 and was a very keen bowler, being ladies captain and vice-president of Keynsham Bowling Club, a game she played until a couple of years ago.

Last October she became our first member to reach her 90th birthday treating us all to a celebratory drink at our dinner meeting. We shall all miss her unstinting support, stoicism and friendship our sincere sympathies go to her daughter Ann and her family.

  • Maureen Simkin – Longton 585

It is with great sadness that Longton Tangent 585 report the passing of Maureen Simkin a former member of Ladies Circle and an active and staunch member of Tangent. Maureen will be sadly missed by us all and our thoughts are with her husband Al and son Iain.

  • Audrey Littlewood – Pudsey 424

Pudsey Tangent 424 are sad to announce the death of Audrey Littlewood, founder member of both Pudsey Ladies Circle and Pudsey Tangent Club. She will be sadly missed.

  • Margaret Janes – Bexhill on Sea 356
  • Christine Rae – Ponteland 484

Christine Rae - Ponteland Obit (2)






It is with sadness that Ponteland Tangent 484 share the sad news that Christine Rae died on 29th June 2015. Christine was an enthusiastic member of our club, a Past Chairman, and was many times our Social Secretary.   Christine was a great friend, always smiling and loving the fun of Tangent and we will miss her a lot.

  • Norma Hough – Shrewsbury 24
  • Mary Price – Porthcawl 119

It is with great sadness that Porthcawl Tangent 119 announce the loss of much loved loyal member, Mary Price.  She was enthusiastic and supportive about all our activities and functions and will be sorely missed by us all.  Our heartfelt thoughts go to Mary’s husband Keith and family.

  • Margaret Woods – Porthcawl 119

It is with great sadness that Porthcawl Tangent 119 announce the loss of much loved loyal member, Margaret Woods.  She was enthusiastic and supportive about all our activities and functions and will be sorely missed by us all.  Our heartfelt thoughts go to Margaret’s husband Colin and family.

  • Vivien Holden – Farnham Tangent 469

It is with sadness that Farnham Tangent has to advise the passing of Vivien, Lady Holden on 4 May 2015.  Vivien  was a Founder Member of Farnham Tangent in 1978  and regularly attended meetings until 2009 when she could no longer drive and she and her husband Paul moved to Clare Park.    The funeral was at Aldershot Crematorium at 11.30 on Tuesday 19 May

  • Shirley Day – Keynsham & District 104

It is with such sadness that Keynsham & District Tangent 104 have to report that Shirley sadly passed away on the 4th May 2015 after a long illness, one she fought so bravely and with such determination.

Shirley joined Keynsham and District Ladies Circle No 287 in October 1970, transferring to Knutsford in 1974, then onto Wilmslow before returning to Keynsham in January 1978. We were all so very proud when Shirley chaired the very successful LCI Bristol Conference in 1981.

Shirley made the decision to leave Circle when her husband Gary left Table, so in 1982 she joined our Tangent and became Chairman in 1984 – 1985.

At our AGM in 2014 we made Shirley a life honorary member of our club as a mark of the deep admiration, love and respect that we all had for her and her dedication to both Ladies Circle and Tangent.

Shirley will be missed by the many friends she made during her time in both clubs and our sincere sympathies go to her husband Gary, her children and grandchildren

  • Stephanie Morpeth – Doncaster 62

Stephanie Morpeth 6th September, 1943 – 6th May, 2015

It is with great sadness that Doncaster Tangent 62 announce the sudden death of our dear friend Stephanie Morpeth. Stephanie was a terrific Tangent member, she was Chairman three times and rarely a year went by when she didn’t hold office. Steph was a lovely, caring and considerate person, and a dear kind friend.

She will be missed by all of us in Doncaster Tangent and also the many other avenues of her life, but most of all by her husband, Philip and their family. Our condolences to them all.

  • Pat Morris – Teignmouth 727

Just Pat Morris (3)Pamela Morris 1942 – 2015

Teignmouth Tangent 727

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beautiful friend, Pam Morris.

Pam was a dedicated member of Ladies’ Circle and a founder member of Teignmouth Tangent.

She was such an inspirational lady, who approached everything she did with passion and commitment. Pam epitomised the essence of Tangent – friendship, generosity of spirit and a huge enthu

It was a privilege to be part of her life, and our heartfelt thoughts go to husband Bernie and to the rest of Pam’s much loved family.

She will be remembered with such great affection, but she will beso very much missed.

  • Jean Audrey Smith – Sutton Coldfield 7

Jean Audrey Smith 1928 – 2015

is with sadness that Sutton Coldfield Tangent announce the death of longstanding Tangent member Jean Smith.  Jean was a member of Birmingham Ladies Circle and when the time came to leave Circle she joined Sutton Coldfield Tangent No. 7 and was Tangent Chairman in 1989-90. Jean was a very supportive member of all Sutton Coldfield Tangent activities and she will be sadly missed.

  • Jean Pharaoh – Sutton Coldfield 7
  • Sylvia Fellowes – Redcar 530
  • Sonia Burgess – Redcar 530
  • Ella Broom – Cheltenham 47

Cheltenham Tangent 47 is very sad to announce the passing of our last Founder Member, Ella Broom aged 98. She was a grand old lady. full of fun and active until the last 18 months. She died very peacefully in her sleep. We will all miss her greatly, she was an inspiration to us all.

  • Betty Carrol Gillingham 533
  • Shirley Woollacott – Gillingham 533
  • Betty Amott – Ripley 158

Betty was a Founder member of Ripley Ladies Circle and Ripley Tangent

  • Mary Foulkes – Ripley 158

Mary was a Founder member of Ripley Ladies Circle and Ripley Tangent

  • Frances Leer – Kingsbridge & District 248
  • Audrey Weightman – Kingsbridge & District 248
  • Molly Dymoke – Harpenden 137

It is with great sadness that Harpenden 137 has to report that their last active Founder member died very suddenly and unexpectedly in February. Molly was a very active lady (pilates, keep fit, gardening etc) and always very supportive of the club. She never craved the limelight and was delighted to be made an Hon Life Member when we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2009. Our future anniversaries will not be the same without her quiet, thoughtful and always interesting words. We have lost a loyal and faithful member.

  • Rosemary Wase – Shrewsbury 24

Rosemary passed away following a short illness on 10th February 2015

  • Sheila Hart – Brigg & District 649
  • Enid Brocklesby – Brigg & District 649
  • Jane Robinson – Brigg & District 649

It is with great sadness that Brigg and District Tangent 649 announce the deaths of three of their members.

Sheila Hart, who had been a member of Brigg Ladies Circle before joining Brigg and District Tangent.

Enid Brocklesby was also a member of Brigg Ladies Circle, before becoming the Founder Secretary of Brigg and District Tangent
and Jane Robinson who was a founder member of both Brigg Ladies Circle and Brigg and District Tangent.

Thoughts are with the friends and families of Sheila, Enid and Jane.

  • Dr Diana Cogswell – Waterlooville & District 523

Waterlooville & District 523 sadly announce the death of Dr Diana Cogswell who passed away in January 2015. Diana was a very active member both in Circle and Tangent and her sudden death has left all her friends very shocked. She will be sadly missed.

  • Irene Turnbull – Banbury 84

It is with sadness that Banbury Tangent Club 84 announces the sudden death of Irene in August this year. An active member and Past Chairman (2001-2002), she will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with her family.

  • Dorothy Bennett – Bradford Fairfax 139

It is with sadness that Bradford Fairfax Tangent 139 announce the death of Past Chairman Dorothy Bennett who sadly passed away on Tuesday 16th September 2014.

  • Barbara Caple – Leicester Tangent 152

It is with sadness that Leicester Tangent 152 announces the death of BARBARA CAPLE on 4th November, 2014.

  • Anne Jones – Shrewsbury Tangent 24

Shrewsbury Tangent 24 regret to announce the sad death of Anne Jones who fought her illness for many years with bravery, never complaining.

  • Susan Angela Evans – Rotherham 43

It is with much sadness that Rotherham Tangent 43 announces the death of Sue Evans on the 17th June 2014 just 9 days before her 65th birthday, after an illness bravely borne for nearly 3 years.

Sue joined Rotherham Ladies Circle in 1978 , she was at the heart of both Circle and Tangent including that of Chairman both Rotherham Ladies Circle and Rotherham Tangent 1999-2000.

Sue was a tower of strength and reliability to her family and friends, and is greatly missed by her husband John, daughters Jane and Sally and her much loved grand-children, and her many friends.

  • Carole Elaine Townend – Rotherham 43

It is with much sadness that Rotherham Tangent 43 announces the death of another of our members, Carole Townend who died on the 21st June 2014 at the age of just 53, after an illness bravely borne for some 18 months.

Carole was a very caring person, a nurse who chose to specialise in the care of the long term mentally ill, she had a great sense of humour and inner strength. She is greatly missed by her two daughters, Larna and Nicky , family and friends.

It was a great honour to have known both Sue and Carole and they will be greatly missed by all who knew them.

  • Jean Tyreman 

Jean Tyreman of Nidderdale Tangent 623 sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer on 25th September 2014. She was a founder member of both Nidderdale Ladies Circle and Tangent clubs and fully participated in all activities hosting many functions.

She was an exceptional cook; always ready to try a new cake recipe on the girls. Her friendship and laughter will be greatly missed.

  • Patricia Ann Hairsnape 5th May 1937 – 3rd September 2014

Pat HairsnapeIt is with much sadness that Rainford Tangent 691 announces the death of Pat on 3rd September 2014 , after a short illness. This was also her 54th Wedding Anniversary. Pat held several offices in Tangent, these being Secretary in 1987/88, Treasurer in 2002/03 and Chairman in both 2004/5 and 2008/9. She was an intelligent and knowledgeable lady with an entertaining and dry sense of humour. It was unusual for her to miss a meeting. We will miss her sense of humour and her enthusiasm.

Pat was very much the heart of her family and will be greatly missed by her Husband Mike and children Jonathan, Simon and Elizabeth, and her much loved grandchildren Matthew and Rebecca.

  • Doreen Carr – Barnsley 70

It is with heartfelt sadness, that Barnsley Tangent Club 70 reports the passing in May 2014 of a well loved, great friend and active member of our club, Doreen Carr aged 91.

  • Daphne Madden -Tettenhal 332

Tettenhal Tangent 332 regret to announce the death of Daphne Madden on 12th March 2014 at the age of 84.

Daphne had a son and four daughters who shared their happy memories, including her time in Circle and Tangent, at her funeral service. She was Chair of Tettenhall Ladies Circle in 1972 – 73, Chair of Tangent, 1985 – 86 and was President of Ladies Circle at the same time that her daughter, Alison, was Chairman in 1995. Daphne was always a warm and supportive member before illness prevented her attendance at meetings.

  • Pat Morris -Tettenhall 332

It is also with sadness that we report the death of Pat Morris on 29th March at the age of 88. Pat had originally been a Circle member in Matlock before moving to Tettenhall and joining Circle there, she was very active and served as Honorary President, she then moved into a recently formed Tangent and served as Tangent Chairman during 1987 – 88.

Pat always had a ready smile and a common sense approach to everything. She was a very keen Tangent member who attended until illness prevented her. But there was a warm welcome for any of her friends who visited her at home, in hospital or finaly her nursing home.

  • Wendy McKenzie – Rayleigh & District 135

It is with heartfelt sadness, that Rayleigh & District Tangent Club reports the passing of a great friend and member of our club, Wendy McKenzie. Wendy died on 27 December 2013, after an illness, bravely borne.

Wendy joined Rayleigh & District Ladies Circle in 1982 and was Chairman of both Circle (1989-1990) and Tangent club (2002-2003). Wendy threw herself into every aspect of life, and Circle & Tangent were no exception. She dressed up in costumes, baked, trekked, organised events and supported everyone and everything.

Wendy was a Cambridge graduate, an inspirational teacher, lovely friend, wife, mother and Nana, who will be truly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband David, her daughters and grandchildren.

  • Kim Lord – Rayleigh & District 135

Rayleigh & District Tangent Club are sad to report the passing of our newest member, Kim Lord. Kim had been a member of Tangent for a relatively short time, but we had come to love her cheery smile, her determination, enthusiasm and zest for life. Our thoughts are with her partner Chris and her family.

  • Lynda Hughes – Waterloo 523

It is with great sadness that Waterloo Tangent announces that one of their members, Lynda Hughes sadly passed away on 7th March 2014.

Lynda was a very active and supportive member of Waterloo Tangent, a keen golfer who had won the Area Golf Competition. She had been a member of Ladies Circle and was Chairman twice.

  • Marjorie Robinson – Bootle Crosby and District 148

Bootle, Crosby and District Tangent would like to announce the death of Marjorie Robinson, who was a Founder member of the club. Marjorie had also been Ladies Circle President in 1959/60 and International Ladies Circle President in 1960/61. She is sadly missed.

  • Jan Mulqueen – Sunderland Tangent 795, Angels of the North 907, National President Tangent 2009 – 10, Community Services Officer NALC 1997-98,Chairman Area 16 NALC

Jan MulqueenSunderland and Angels of the North Tangents are deeply saddened and shocked at the very sudden death of Jan Mulqueen. Jan had just returned from the Annual Conference at Bournemouth where she’d thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her very many, valued friends and partying as only she could. She was particularly happy that “my Eddie” was there too.

A past area chairman of NALC area 16, Jan’s enthusiasm for Circling grew into her love for Tangent. She was passionate about living life to the full, making friends wherever she went both in the UK and internationally.

Her passion for international carried on into her year as IPP when she was instrumental in shaping the first MoU on which Tangent International has been built. Jan was, quite rightly, very proud of what she helped to achieve. She was also closely involved in building on, and strengthening, the ties of the ‘Round Table Family’.

As long standing member of Sunderland Tangent she has been one of their driving forces for many years and was grateful for their support when she stood for the role of national Vice President and which continued in her role as National President. She was also very close to Houghton-le-Spring Tangent, had fun with them and valued their friendship.

Jan would always encourage everyone to take part in whatever was on offer – whether it was a regional lunch, charity event, a club open night or her favourite weekend away at Conference.

A founder member of Angels of the North, which grew out of friendships made running the Party Tyne conference, Jan was always there to listen and would share her wealth of experience whenever asked.

One of the many tributes to Jan said: ‘Great picture, bet you can’t find one where she’s not smiling.’ We looked and we can’t.
Jan was always there with a bright smile and a warm hug; one of our brightest lights, her vitality, sense of fun and commitment, will be sadly missed. Our heartfelt condolences go to her husband Eddie and their family.

  • Mary Cusack – Cleeve Hill 493

Founder Member Cleeve Hill 493, Early Member Cleeve Hill Ladies Circle.

  • Shirley Ann Christmas – New Milton 120

It is with great sadness that New Milton Tangent announce the sudden death of Shirley in January this year. She was an active member and a past Chairman in 2003/04 and will be sadly missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with her husband Colin and family and we send them our condolences.

  • Marjorie Holmes – Banbury 84

It is with much sadness that Banbury Tangent Club announces the death of founder member Marjorie Holmes (Chairman 1970-1972). She will be greatly missed by us all.

  • Sue Collins – Farnham 469

It is with great sadness that we have to advise the death of Sue Collins on 3 February 2014, after a long illness. She was such a good friend, always there to support Tangent, and always cheerful. She will be much missed.

Sue was Chairman of Farnham Tangent 2003/04, Chairman Farnham Ladies Circle 1985/86 and President Farnham Ladies Circle 1994/95.

She transferred in to Farnham from Gordano Valley in Portishead, Bristol in February 1980. She also regularly supported Area and National meetings.

  • Pauline Coates – Rainford 691

Pauline CoatesPauline Coates, A founder member of Rainford Circle and later Rainford Tangent. She took several secretarial and treasury positions and in 2012/2013 was a very well respected Chairman of Tangent. She loved the job and was very keen to do it again, but unfortunately became extremely ill and lost her fight for life on the 5″‘ February 2014.

Pauline will be greatly missed by all the members of Rainford Tangent and our sympathies go to her sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

  • Eleonore Ridge – Alsager 299


On a momentous evening in 1972 a group of ladies were sitting round a table in a Chinese restaurant in Crewe, Cheshire discussingwhether or not to establish a Tangent Club in Alsager. The unanimous decision was a resounding yes. One of the ladies turned to Eleanor and asked “Will you be our first Chairman?”. “Yes” replied Eleanor and here was history repeating itself for in 1961 Eleonore had agreed to be the first Chairman of Alsager Ladies Circle.

In May 1973 Eleonore was installed as the founder Chairman of Alsager Tangent Club no 299. What an amazing legacy to leave to both our town and our Associations. So many women have benefitted from her dedication to enabling and preserving friendships, caring for those in need and encouraging an active participation in our meetings and events both locally and nationally. Eleonore personified every principle that our Associations strive touphold but her commitment to continuing friendship will be carried forward by Alsager Tangent Club as long as it exists.

Thank you Eleonore.

  • Jean Tonge – Aireborough 75

Our members said goodbye to a much loved member Jean Tonge who was circle chairman, Area 23 chairman and Area Extension Officer. She was also Tangent chairman in 1976/77 and 1992/93. Jean was always cheerful and positive during a long illness. Much missed.

Rose Purdy
Chairman Aireborough Tangent 75.

  • Eve Smaylen – Sutton Park 363

It is with great sadness that Sutton Park Tangent Club announce the death of Eve Smaylen on the 21st December 2013. Eve was a founder member of Sutton Perk Ladies Circle and of Sutton Park Tangent Club and will be greatly missed.

  • Patricia Anderson – Hornchurch 89

Patricia AndersonWe are very sad to report the death of Patricia Anderson on 27th November, a much loved and stalwart member of our club. We will all miss her friendship and loyalty. Pat transferred from East Kilbride Ladies Circle to Hornchurch in 1969 eventually joining Tangent where she held various offices including Chairman and Secretary. Our thoughts are with her lovely family.

  • May Ray – Petersfield 66

We are very sad to report the death of one of Petersfield Tangent No.66’s founder members May Ray. Mary died on the 12th January 2014 at the age of 87.

  • Helga Perry – Camberley 277

Helga was a truly lovely person.

  • Eve Smaylen – Sutton Park 363

It is with great sadness that Sutton Park Tangent Club announce the death of Eve Smaylen on the 21st December 2013.  Eve was a founder member of Sutton Perk Ladies Circle and of Sutton Park Tangent Club and will be greatly missed.

  • Janet Whitefoot – Oakengates 567

It is with great sadness Oakengates Tangent announce the sudden death of their Chairman Janet Whitefoot.

She was a founder member of Oakengates Ladies Circle and founder Chairman of Oakengates Tangent, she really was the matriarch of our Tangent and will be dearly missed.

It really has been a very sad time for her husband Neil, as soon after Janet’s death he lost his son Jeffery too.

We all send our condolences to Neil and daughter Gillian.

  • Patricia Milburn – Wolverhampton 282 & Hull Wyke Tangent 342. Chairman of Hull Wyke 1987/1988

Patricia Milburn (died) on Sunday 22nd September 2013 She will be sadly missed by all her friends.

Pat was an active member of Ladies Wolverhampton No 6 and was chairman in 1970/1971. She continued on into Tangent Wolverhampton 282 and transferred to Hull Wyke Tangent and was chairman in 1987/1988. Pat enjoyed our meetings and was always interested in everything we did. She was a good loyal friend to us all.

  • Jackie Hall – Keynsham and District 104

It is with much sadness that we have to report that Jackie sadly lost her battle with cancer on the 30th December 2013 an illness she fought with such courage and determination.

Jackie joined Downend Circle in November 1970, transferred to Devizes in October 1973 and to Keynsham in April 1980, chairing our Ladies Circle No 287 in 1982 – 1983, Area 5 in 1987 – 1988 and in 1988 -1989 Jackie served on the Ladies Circle National Executive as Badge Secretary.

Jackie joined our Tangent club in the late 1980’s but following a house move back to Devizes in 1990 she reluctantly resigned, she will be missed by the  many friends she made during her time in both Circle and Tangent and our sincere sympathies go to her husband Andrew, her children and grandchildren.