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National Executive 2020 – 21

Vice President Tracey Pickin

Vice President Tracey Pickin

I do hope that you and your families are still keeping well and staying safe. What a strange and difficult time this is for us all – hopefully before too much longer it will be something to look back on.

In the scheme of things the impact on Tangent is minor but I know many of you have been affected – having to cancel your meetings, cancelling special events which had been planned and looked forward to, missing Conference and Regional Lunches, missing fund raising opportunities but mostly, I am guessing, because you miss seeing your dear Tangent friends. I’m sure you’ll try to keep in touch and many of us have embraced technology we haven’t used in the past to be able to ‘see’ friends and family. If you haven’t done so yet, do give it a try (help and tips are being sent out to all Clubs). If you’re struggling do give one of the Exec a call, we’d be happy to help.

My own club ABOTS have managed to have several ‘Zoom’ get togethers and though the first was almost over by the time we’d all got sorted, we all now find it easy and we’ve planned scarf tying , a quiz and possible cookery challenge. If you manage to set something up, do invite the Exec to join you – we’d really like that.

At home I’m keeping busy clearing out every drawer and cupboard in the house and trying to keep the garden in order. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am treated with two lots of immune suppressant  drugs so can’t volunteer for the NHS, nor be of practical help to anyone, and I definitely can’t sew – so I’m baking for friends and neighbours. I have also volunteered to my old employer to work for nothing but I’m guessing the practicalities of doing that might outweigh how useful I can be….

On a personal note I am clearly disappointed not to be your President this year but hope that you will soon be able to start to think about next year and start to put things in my diary for 2021/22. In the meantime, keep in touch. X

Yours in continued friendship

Tracey Pickin – Vice-President 2020 – 2021

[email protected]


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