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Health & Safety

If the public are attending an event arranged by your Tangent Club, you, as organisers, have a duty of care to provide for their safety. Tangent Executive recommends that you appoint two responsible members as ‘safety officers’ to consider the health and safety of everyone involved.

  • The ’Safety Officers’ should make a Risk Assessment
  • This is an examination of what could cause harm to people.
  • They should assess if any hazard is ‘significant’ and whether ‘the organisers’ have taken satisfactory precautions to help prevent injury to people.
  • If your event is to be held in a venue e.g. a hotel, they will have their own Health and Safety policy which will be developed to protect their own employees. Ask to see this and check that the hotel adheres to the policy. Speak to the manager if you have any concerns.
  • The organisers, with the help of the venue management, should announce instructions on how to evacuate the building in an emergency or an information video may be used. This announcement is the responsibility of the organisers of the event, please ensure this is done.
  • The ‘safety officers’ for the event should check for any hazards before the commencement of the event and if necessary report any hazards to the management.
  • Please ensure the management take your concerns seriously and act upon the hazard you report.
  • Keep written evidence of your Health and Safety checks and Risk Assessments. Should anyone be injured evidence of ‘due diligence’ will be invaluable.

In today’s world of litigation, failure to have considered Health and Safety issues could negate any insurance claims. This is not a difficult undertaking; common sense should prevail.

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Risk Assessment – Simple General Checklist

Thank you to those of you who have responded to Health & Safety issues. I hope we are helping to make the Health & Safety Initiative easy to implement and it would be sensible to follow these guidelines for your Tangent meetings. Even though your venue may have its own Health & Safety guidelines, it is important to have your own. Tangent does have public liability insurance for each club but this could be negated if you have not shown due diligence to safety. To help everyone to implement Health & Safety guidelines, here is a simple general checklist that you could use. Depending on your event, you will need to add some more specific checks using the space at the bottom of the checklist. Please download this checklist and would the appointed safety officers please complete the tick list before the event. Please keep the list safely, in case it is needed for reference in the future.

Entrance Entrance, exit and main thorough fares should be well lit and emergency lighting should be available if needed eg power cut
Steps etc Steps, pavements and entrances should be free of ice and snow and any obstructions.
Floors There should be no wet areas on floors and any spills should be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Toilets There should be well-lit clear access to clean, dry, efficient toilets.
Electrical Items Electrical sockets should not be overloaded and wires should not be trailing where people will walk.
Equipment Use gas and electrical equipment safely and responsibly indoors and outdoors eg barbeques.
Furniture All furniture should be solid and secure eg table extensions and extra seating.
Children Children should not be allowed to run around when hot food/drink is being served.
List of attendees If it is feasible, make a list of the people attending your event – some hotels may ask for this as part of their own H & S policy.
Fire Doors Check fire doors are not locked.
Safety Information Someone should give safety information at the beginning of the event indicating safe exits from the building. People should be warned not to stand on chairs and tables – organisers please set a good example.