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National Executive 2020 – 21

Treasurer – Shirley Chard

Treasurer – Shirley Chard


To find the Capitation and Directory Documents, Click here!

Well I am sure we are all feeling a little strange at present with these uncertain times. I must admit, it has been a very different end to my first year as National Treasurer. I have had a learning curve on Tangent as a whole during the past year and I feel confident that I have come up to speed now. It was a shame to not have our AGM following all the planning for it.

Not only was it my first year on the Exec, but my first year of retirement from paid work. Life has been very different, but interesting and has got me used to accepting change. This has been a great help in adapting to our Lockdown situation. I am unable to visit my son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in America, but have been able to see them using technology more frequently than I did. I have also been able to help my husband Dave to set up to work from home using technology that he has previously not used.

Until Lockdown, I have enjoyed my year, meeting many of you and attending events. As we are sharing the running of the organisation including the president’s role this year, we are hopeful that we will be able to meet up with you later in the Tangent year. In addition to my Tangent role, I have been volunteering in my local community to help the vulnerable and have been really pleased at how many other people are doing the same. Our Ladies Circle training has been put to good use, helping others.

Yours in continued friendship

Shirley Chard

National Treasurer 2020 – 21

[email protected]