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National Executive 2020 – 21

President Sue’s AGM Report 2020

President Sue’s AGM Report 2020

2020 AGM Report National President

Fellow Tangent Members, Friends

My motto for this year as your National President has been “With Courage Nothing Is Impossible”, the motto of Sir William Hillary the founder of the RNLI in 1824. I should say that “With Tangent Members behind you Nothing is Impossible”.

The unprecedented circumstances that we find ourselves in and that have led to our Conference and AGM being cancelled have certainly challenged all of us. Corona virus/Covid-19 has caused the Exec  to have to find an alternative way to move into the new Tangent year 2020-21. Following a lot of soul searching and discussion the decision was unanimous to run this year with a Coalition of Exec members continuing in their roles of the previous year. I am very grateful to my colleagues who have offered to serve in office for an extra year and to give the Association the benefit of their skills and time. Of course this situation is an enormous disappointment to Tracey and myself, delaying our handover to the 2021 AGM in Aviemore, but we are both in agreement that this is the best way forward.

After a quiet start in mid-April 2019 because of the Easter Bank Holidays things really got busy for me at the end of the month when I made my first Tangent visit to Dunmow Tangent to celebrate their 50th Charter. Quickly followed by an interview on our local radio station, Radio Northwich, which gave me the opportunity to publicise Tangent and RNLI my charity for the year.

I attended the TCI AGM at the end of April in Brussels, which was a new experience for me. Our own Paula Farnfield was the outgoing International President and she was supported by a large group from GB & I. The HYM in October was in Malta and again a very large group from GB&I attended. Another new experience for me to be part of the TCI Council, a role I will be continuing with. Unfortunately due to Corona virus the International Conference and TCI AGM in Verona scheduled for June has been cancelled and the possibility of the HYM going ahead in Romania in October hangs in the balance.

In early May I attended the LC and RT AGM and conference in Leicester, very ably organised by Vicki Carter-Bland, where I was delighted to see my own Northwich Circle receive two national awards. It was good to see the enthusiasm and fun that Circlers of today enjoy, and it took me back to my own days in Circle. I also attended a Ladies Circle Council meeting in September and Lindsay’s Presidential Ball. In March it was the turn of Paul Agnew, RTBI President to hold a charity Ball. The RT and LC conference in Essex planned for May has also been cancelled due to the pandemic.

During my year as your President I have:

  • Attended 92 Events
  • Chaired 9 Exec meetings
  • Driven 12,084 miles
  • Taken 12 flights
  • Been on 17 train journeys
  • Stayed away from home on 105 nights (Ray is now proficient with microwave ready meals)

I have had the privilege to help clubs celebrate significant anniversaries and milestones, in particular Bournemouth No 1 70th. What a wonderful achievement!

I am very grateful to members who have supported RNLI, my charity during the year – you have just been awesome! I have had guided tours round a number of Lifeboat stations and the Training College at Poole where I drove the simulator. You will be relieved to learn that I did not crash or sink it! Several members have made that extra effort to raise funds: Frances and Simon Clough from my own Tangent held three Pizza evenings in their garden raising about £800, Chiltern Area Belles led by Janice O’Neill held a Beach Party evening and raised £1,000, and Tanya Harder has rowed the equivalent of 4,000 miles across the Atlantic on a rowing machine raising over £1700. Claire Mansfield, another Northwich member raised £1,770 by giving me a wonderful piece of original stitching art to raffle. You are all incredible!

120 ladies attended a charity lunch in September and 250 41 Club and Tangent members were at the Joint Presidents’ Grand Leap Day Ball in February. We estimate that we raised £10,000 on that one night, and Andrew (41 Club President) and I are just blown away by the generosity of members and sponsors. Working together for the same charity has been a real bonus, and has enabled us to present a united front to fundraising. I can tell you now that in total we have raised over £50,000. This means that we can purchase five Rescue Water Craft for RNLI Beach Lifeguard, and hopefully some equipment for them.

My husband Ray has combined his position as 41 Club Honorary Webmaster with being my main organiser, he has kept my diary sensible and was always there to offer me advice and help. I could have achieved nothing without him and I will always be grateful for his love and support.

Many thanks to all members who have helped and supported me during the most amazing 12 months. I have made so many new friends and I include you all in this group! During this difficult time please keep well and safe, and I hope to meet you again PC (Post Corona).