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National Executive 2019 – 20

President’s Charity 2019 -2020 – RNLI

President’s Charity 2019 -2020 – RNLI









We are in difficult times and sadly the National Conference has had to be cancelled. However, you can continue to support Sue and Andrew’s chosen charity, the RNLI.

Letter from Sue Nevinson

Dear fellow Tangent and 41 Club Conferences goers

I am sure like me you are really disappointed not to be able to attend our annual conference and meet up with friends old and new in Cardiff this April. I know from being on the  Blackpool Conference Committee what hard, but enjoyable, work it is to put these events on and I’m sure Cardiff Committee are even more disappointed than the rest of us. It will also be disappointing for our Presidents, Sue and Andrew, and for Tracey and Peter who were due to take over from them in April.

I therefore had a seed of an idea, which I ran past Sue and Andrew, and they are happy that I go ahead with it. During a Conference weekend, we buy quite a few pints of beer, bottles of wine and glasses of gin and tonic amongst other things. While I’m sure many of you will be raising a glass to each other over the weekend of 2-5 April, I wondered if you would like to consider donating the price of a drink or two to the RNLI, the joint charity for our National Presidents for 2019-20. That way something positive could come out a situation we would rather not have found ourselves in.

If you would like to donate, please use the link below to the Just Giving page I have set up for this purpose.

Just Giving – Susan’s 41 Club and Tangent Conference Goers

Although Just Giving take a small commission for allowing us to use their platform, I think it is still worth doing it this way as it will allow us to collect gift aid easily and also not involve any additional work in banking the money or put yet more traffic through an already stretched postal service. Funds will go directly from Just Giving to the RNLI. We can also all see how the fundraising is going by checking on the page.

Donations must be made by Saturday 4 April 2020, as that is when Sue and Andrew’s year officially ends.

Thanking you all in anticipation and hoping that you stay safe and well in these difficult times.

Yours in continued friendship

Sue Nevinson

Lancaster Tangent 238

Dragons Tangent

Presidential Liaison Committee for Andrew Mackereth, 41 Club President 2019-20


Sue and 41 Club President Andrew are jointly fund raising for the RNLI. You can be part of the fun and help raise funds for this worthwhile cause. 

Please take time to read the following message from Nikki Fairgrieve, RNLI Community Support Coordinator to see how you can help support this great charity.


Thank you so much for helping both Sue (President, Tangent Club) and Andrew (President, 41 Club) fundraise over the next year in aid of the RNLI! I hope we can make the most out of the next year and smash that £50,000 target to fund the five Lifeguard Rescue Watercrafts.

I understand that you might be interested in getting RNLI speakers along to some events and looking to organize some visits to RNLI Lifeboat stations. The below will give you the information you need.

• If you want support with fundraising contact Nikki Fairgrieve via [email protected]  and we’d love to see everything you’ve been up to so please share your photos throughout the year of all your fundraising activities. Again you can send these to [email protected] (F.A.O Nikki)

• If you would like to organise a local RNLI speaker please complete the attached ‘Presentation Request Form’ and email this to [email protected].   Click here for booking form.

• If you want to organise a trip to your local Lifeboat Station, you can find the details of the stations via the following link –

Thank you, and we are really looking forward to the next year of fundraising with Tangent and 41 Club, and we hope that you are too!

Kind Regards,

Nikki Fairgrieve

RNLI, Community Support Coordinator