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National Executive 2020 – 21

Marketing and Membership – Emma-Jane Wright

Marketing and Membership – Emma-Jane Wright


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Gosh, what a difference a year makes! Firstly, I send my best wishes to you all and hope you are managing to stay safe. Secondly, I cannot believe I have been on the NATC Executive Committee for a year already. Where did the time go?

The last year has been a whirlwind, and your welcomes at both national and local club events have been wonderful. It has been great to meet so many of you and make an abundance of new friends. One big highlight for me would be becoming a founder member of Rugby Tangent and watching them re-affiliate 50 years after their first affiliation; being able to join members at as many events as possible has been great. I feel very privileged to part of an organisation that has friendship at the heart of everything it does and be amongst women who are all truly inspirational, this has really shone through in recent times; in how you have answered the call to arms in so many different ways.

My home club, Charnwood have gone from strength to strength and I handed over the reins of Chairwoman to Joanne Tyler back in March at our early AGM due to me having to go into hospital for an operation. I can confirm though that I am recovered and gradually getting back on track.

I am so proud to see that so many of our members are doing all that they can to help ease the current situation we are all under at the moment. You really are the most remarkable bunch of women and I love how communication is still strong between us all.

My family and I are helping out locally & nationally, through rejigging our narrow fabric manufacturing business to supply products for PPE on a larger scale than we do normally. It has been amazing to supply to elastic, webbing, and tapes to various member groups of The Round Table Family as well as our own Tangent Clubs.

Another piece of extremely exciting news is that my daughter, Annabel who moved to Auckland at the start of 2020 was shocked to find out there isn’t Ladies Circle in New Zealand. Through the help of Round Table New Zealand and Ladies Circle International, she has driven the set-up of not one, but three groups across the country. She has recently been voted in as National President of Ladies Circle New Zealand, and I cannot begin to explain how proud of her I am.

I am looking forward to the day that we can go back to our bolt hole in Norfolk again, which will give me a great excuse to visit more clubs in that area, and I am also looking forward to seeing you all again soon. In the meantime, keep safe, well and in touch with your fellow Tangent members in whichever way you can, and as the song goes…” we’ll meet again.”



Yours in Continued Friendship

Emma Wright

National Marketing & Membership 2020-2021

[email protected]
[email protected]