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Jill Harris


Thanking everyone for making my Presidential year so memorable,  I had a ball and visited as many Tangent Clubs as I possibly could during the year. I apologise for those I did not manage to visit or had to cancel due to my illness last year but I am now well on the mend the doctors have signed me off and I am raring to take on this  new post as your International officer and IPP

Melodie will be acting as our Tangent Representative at the TCI meeting in Brussels,  but if you need any clarification on anything before this please let me know  and contact me on [email protected]  I will also be attending the weekend but am rushing off during the AGM back to the UK to support my eldest son who is running the Marathon the next day for my Charity for last year Round Table Children’s Wish  and I thank you all so so very much for the support for this charity and  for Sponsoring Russell

My first outing as your International officer will be at the end of May when I am attending the Swedish 4 Club AGM, RT, LC, Tangent and 41 Club. 

If any of you are going abroad twinning and want a  Tangent banner to take with you or another person to attend, please let me know and I will do what I can ; if you are still involved in Twinning and have any clubs coming over again if I am free I and you would like me to I will come over to your event – at least part of it.

If you are a tangent looking to set up twinning with a tangent club abroad, please get in touch and I will see what I can organise for you .

Remember you are very welcome to attend the other 4 club family overseas events

This year I will be attending LCI in Rotterdam and Round Table in Romania both in August and then the half yearly meeting of TCI and 41 Club in Malta in the beginning of November.  If you want any details for any of these just ask.


To see all Tangent Club International information, click here:


Yours in continued friendship,

Jill Harris

Immediate Past National President 2019 -20

[email protected]