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Jill Harris



Well, we are now in a very different 2020 to 2021 Tangent year to the one I expected to be in.  I had expected to be off your National Executive and hopefully, on the Tangent Club International board, but this was not to be.

During this year I will be acting International Officer for your National Executive, but likely to undertake little if no travelling at least during the 2020 year.

I am now in contact with all the Tangent member countries and have regular Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings with the TCI board and have taken part in many social media meetings with all members of our Round Table family, both nationally and internationally. 

I have searched my house for items for the scavenger hunts, drawn pictures of funny faces, tried to get on three sets of clothing at once, had virtual gin, beer and wine parties and taken part in countless quizzes.

I have had conversations with many more people, in many more countries than I normally would have had, showing what a very small world we live in.

There is no reason why we should be lonely in these very difficult times. There are members out there who will drop what they are doing to talk to you when you’re feeling low and we all feel like that one time another at the moment. So please, please reach out to one of your National Executive if you need us.

I look forward when we are allowed out to see many of you again and feel privileged to have this extra year on your National Executive.


To see all Tangent Club International information, click here: HERE

Yours in continued friendship,

Jill Harris

The NATC Executive 2020-21

[email protected]