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National Executive 2020 – 21

Editor and Website – Kate Jones

Editor and Website – Kate Jones


National Editor and Website Coordinator 2018 – 2021 – Kate Jones

 I am Kate from Loddon Tangent and I live in Reading. 

I have enjoyed promoting our wonderful organisation amongst our Tangent members but also further afield, spreading the word about our club using social media, so do please come and find us on Facebook here and our Twitter account here . This year is a challenging year but it is a wonderful opportunity to travel further and visit clubs online with lots of clubs still meeting up on Zoom or with other online options.  If you need help with Zoom do please ask me or any of the other Exec members.  Also don’t forget you can request that one of the Exec members joins in your online meeting or maybe face-to-face later in the year.  The link to do this is: Book the National Executive

I am also looking after the publication of your Tangent magazine that is currently published three times a year (see below for copy dates) and it would be lovely to receive any news you would like included in the magazine.  We also have an app called Team App and you can find more information here 

At the beginning of this year I am being kept busy with updates to our website as one year ends and another year starts but I anticipate ongoing updates as the year progresses, news happens and events need listing.  One of the pieces of work that I am looking forward to working on this year is the new website.  The current one is out-of-date and we are limited in what we can and can’t do.  I am looking forward to being part of the team working on delivering a new website to you our members that will also attract new members.

I look forward to seeing you online and hopefully at some point face-to-face.  Do please stay safe and look after yourselves.

Yours in continued friendship

Kate Jones

Editor and Website Co-ordinator 2018-2021

Please send your articles and photos (as attachments) for the Magazine to:  [email protected]

Deadlines for forthcoming magazines are:

11th September 2020

11th January 2021

11th May 2021