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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Being a member of the Association brings with it many benefits, and we are pleased to share with you the following benefits that we have negotiated for you:

Members will benefit from a discount ‘up to 10%’ organised by Hashtag Golf. Also every two months there is a ‘Giveaway Prize Draw’ on their website and social media platforms.
ParknCruise offer members a discount of 10% on all bookings over seven days for indoor parking at Southampton port.
NORTHERN BELLE LUXURY TRAINSNorthern Belle Luxury trains will offer 10% discount on all trips. Visit the website to see full details of the excursions.

15% discount at all these stores or online. This voucher/code is for personal use only.
This affinity deal we have with Hyundai is simply brilliant. It allows us to purchase new Hyundai cars at the lowest prices available anywhere in the UK.
Please contact the Editor and Website Coordinator [email protected] for updated details of Fred Olsen discounts

Rhyming picture books for children from first understanding to around six years old. The stories are ideal for reading to the very young, and also for children who are learning to read.

To find out more: Grandad Stories details

Please remember to mention that you are a Tangent member!

Codes can be found on the members only Facebook group or by emailing [email protected]

We are in negotiations to provide additional benefits and are also keen to speak to other providers.  If you have contacts that could help us to do this then please email Kate at [email protected]