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International – Tangent Club International

International – Tangent Club International

Welcome to our International Page

It was an exciting moment in Denmark in 2014 when the National Association of Tangent Clubs Great Britain, became a founder member of Tangent Club International.

You will find international clubs on our Club Finder and we will update information from clubs abroad as they provide it.

Please note that information on the directory page is for members use only and may ONLY BE USED for TANGENT  BUSINESS. When you open the directory page  you are implicitly agreeing with this statement.

Tangent Club International Directory and Rules 2019 -20:  TCI Directory 2019-20_July 2019

TCI Virtual AGM 6th June 2020 – Report from GB&I Councillor, Sue Hill: TCI Councillors report a

If you would like to read all the reports presented at the TCI Virtual AGM on June 6th please: click here

****Tangent Club International Job Descriptions ****

TCI President – TCI President – 3 year Job Description (3)

TCI Treasurer – TCI Treasurer Job Description

TCI Secretary – TCI Secretary Job Description

TCI AGM 2020 – 6th June

Agenda:  TCI AGM Agenda, virtual meeting on June 6, 2020

TCI Board Proposal: TCI Board proposal

Message from TCI President Nina: Message from TCI President April 2020

April 2020

TCI April Newsletter – 2020 Newsletter April 2020

TCI AGM arrangements – April 2020:  TCI AGM arrangements v1 with web links (1)

Important Message about TCI Vice President post 2020-2021:   

If you are interested in this post, please read this document: TCI Vice President (1)   in conjunction with:  TCI President – 3 year Job Description This message can also be viewed on the Club Mailings page.

March 2020

Coronavirus statement from TCI. These documents can also be found on Club Mailings page

TCI statement on coronavirus situation, March 2020 (1)

TCI Coronavirus cover letter (2) TCI Coronavirus cover letter (2)

January 2020

41 Club International Newsletter:41 International January-Issue

December 2019

TCI Report:  TCI report mailing

TCI Discussion Document: TCI report Discussion Document

TCI Newsletter: TCI Newsletter – December 2019

Project Crimson – International Service Project Bid Winner at the LCI Conference in Rotterdam

TCI HYM Malta – November 2019

TCI HYM Minutes – Malta November 2019: TCI HYM 2019 Minutes Malta

Agenda and HYM documents: Combined agenda & discussion itemsMalta HYM

Letter re HYM: Malta HYM

TCI AGM Belgium – April 2019

TCI AGM Minutes – Belgium April 2019: TCI AGM 2019 Minutes_Brussels

The 5th Annual General Meeting of Tangent Clubs International TCI took place on Saturday 27th April 2019, 9:30-13:00 Hotel Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels, Belgium.

TCI Board Report from TCI AGM 2019 Board report on TCI AGM 2019

TCI AGM Report IPP/International TCI International AGM Report