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International News

International News

Welcome to our International Page

It was an exciting moment in Denmark in 2014 when the National Association of Tangent Clubs Great Britain, became a founder member of Tangent Club International.

We are keen to extend the hand of friendship to members of Tangent Clubs across the world and so it was a moving moment when we were able to Charter Tangent Ukraine following the Irish lunch on 28th March 2015.

You will find international clubs on our Club Finder and we will update information from clubs abroad as they provide it.

Please note that information on the directory page is for members use only and may ONLY BE USED for TANGENT  BUSINESS. When you open the directory page  you are implicitly agreeing with this statement.

SEPTEMBER 2018: Many congratulations to Alexandra Bennett who has just been voted in as Ladies Circle International Vice President

Report of AGM held in Portschach, Austria in April 2018 – Melodie Brookes (IPP GB&I)


Greetings from Melodie!      IRO and IPP 2018-19       [email protected]   June 2018

TCI AGM: As the NATC TCI Councillor I attended the International Conference in Portschach am Worthersee, Austria at the end of April. It was a glorious setting by a beautiful lake with lots of fun and friendship in the sunshine. Gerd-Inger led the AGM with six voting Councillors representing Cyprus, Denmark, GB&I, Norway, Finland and Sweden. After the initial business, greetings, including those from LCI President, President of Agora, 41 Club International President and RTI President, and Councillors reports there was a break and only Tangent attendees were invited back for the TCI financial reports and proposals.

All but one of the amendments to the rules were passed, including 5diii ‘Candidates (for the International Board) shall be active members of their Full Member Association and have been members of Ladies Circle or wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table’ where we were the only country voting against, 5 for 1 against. There has since been some discussion on our closed Facebook page about the addition of ‘or wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table’ and I am grateful to our new TCI President, Paula Farnfield, for her explanation of the development of this wording.

After some explanation, the proposal to include the Standing Orders and Voting System in the rules, was lost, thus keeping some flexibility in the ability to continue to hold an AGM in unusual circumstances of travel or world disruption.

Apart from Capitation the only income for TCI is from the sale of TCI pins; it was announced that retiring Secretary Janette Korch had donated 300 pins to be sold. It was agreed that a further 250€ to be added to the travel budget for 2018-19 for the Board.

Tangent India and Tangent Israel were welcomed as new full members of TCI, and Tangent Holland and Tangent Belgium, as Associate members.

Paula was duly installed as the new President of TCI and her motto is ‘Make every moment count’. The new Vice-President is from Finland. The rest of the members of the TCI Board will be confirmed when all the countries have had their AGMs and all the posts have been filled.

This is the link the latest Newsletter. file:///C:/Users/Home/OneDrive/Documents/Tangent%20Nat%20Secretary%20Oct%2015/INTERNATIONAL/TCI2018/TCI%20Newsletter%20no%205.pdf

There’s always TCI activity going on all around the world. The TCI Board would like to strongly recommend to you think at least twice before you join any of these activities. Record shows that travelling within the Round Table family is strongly addictive. Actually – one trip and you’re stuck. But if you’re fully aware of the hazard of being caught in never-ending friendship, fun and crazy events, you’re more than welcome to join the rest of us addicts. If you have any questions, contact your national IRO – but beware! She will probably try to persuade you to give into temptation.

2018 August September 29-2 LCI conference Norway Haugesund

2018 September 21-23 Tangent India AGM India Chandigarh

2018 October 12-14 TCI HYM Morocco Marrakech

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