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Interested in Tangent……?

Interested in Tangent……?

Interested in Tangent……?

Tangent is a women’s club for (mostly!) the over 45’s! Together with members of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club we are part of the 4 Club Round Table Family and we have international links with clubs across the world through our membership of Tangent Club International.

Our clubs usually meet once a month and we enjoy a range of activities – dinners – walks – visits – parties and pretty much anything – there are no limitations! Sometimes we support local and national charities through fund-raising activities.  Currently we are supporting Round Table Children’s Wish

We have clubs located all around Great Britain and there is very likely to be a club near you! To find a local club, please go to our Club Finder find out more about us. We look forward to welcoming you!


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