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Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Summary of Insurance Cover For Information Only

Cover operates in respect of UK based clubs as arranged by the Associations Insurance Broker, R F Ponsford Insurance (01275 840 400)

Public  Liability (UK Jurisdiction) – Aegas Insurance

  • Public Liability cover exists to provide an Indemnity for Legal Liability to members of the public following accidental injury or damage to material property. It does not cover public liability for consumables. Cover is limited to £5m per claim.
  • Insurance is aimed at covering the association as a “Ladies Social Organisation”. It is not the intention to include hazardous fund raising or activities which should be referred to R F Ponsford Insurance ( for specific consideration.
  • A £500 excess applies in respect of loss or damage to property and the policy cover extends to include member to member liability.

All Risks Club Property – including President’s Regalia & Chairman’s Chains – Aegas Insurance

  • President’s regalia & chairman’s Chains ( Worldwide) Total Value £6,000.
  • Insurance cover is provided within the Great Britain only in respect of miscellaneous (individual) club property up to a total value of £150,000 but restricted to a maximum of £2,100 per item.
  • All risks insurance cover is subject to a £500 deductible. Terrorism is excluded and Goods Posted or by courier or other commercial carrier is not requested or granted nor Money risks.
  • Insurance does not cover loss or damage by theft from any unattended motor vehicle unless the property is kept within a securely locked boot of a vehicle or the vehicle is in a securely locked garage.

Please note that the above is merely the briefest synopsis of the policy wording and not intended to be a substitute for the document issued by insurers which is lodged with the association’s Treasurer. 

Please note that there is no national product liability cover. Clubs requiring product liability should deal with this independently.