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Aims & Objects, Grace, Induction

Aims & Objects, Grace, Induction

Aims & Objects

2.1 The purposes of the Association shall be:

(a) to link together Tangent Clubs
(b) to promote amongst Tangent Clubs the continuation and extension of friendships made in Ladies’ Circle
(c) to help Ladies’ Circle when requested
(d) to work side by side with all members of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club
(e) Tangent Clubs may provide community service and raise funds for good causes locally, nationally and internationally


‘For all thy gifts we thank thee Lord and especially for the gift of continued friendship’

Lighting Candle of Friendship

As I light this candle of friendship please think of Tangent members (and Ladies Circler’s) past, present and future, locally, nationally and internationally

I light this candle as a symbol of friendship & fellowship. Let this flame ignite friendships across the world & be ever lasting.

Inducting a New Member

The National Association of Tangent Clubs would like to welcome you as a member of ……… club. We hope that you will enjoy meeting and extending continued friendship with other Tangent members and clubs, locally, nationally and internationally. We aim to assist Ladies Circle, and work side by side with the Round Table Family. The presentation of this badge and certificate is a symbol of your membership. Members please be upstanding and toast …………….(new member’s name).