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Hinton Firs HotelThe Inaugural meeting of the Association of Tangent Clubs took place at the Hinton Firs Hotel, Bournemouth, in 1965. It was agreed there that the time had not yet arrived to form a National Association, but that there would be a meeting each year. The main object of the Association should be to continue the friendships made in Ladies’ Circle and to help Circle when required to do so. In 1967 a Chairman was elected to serve for a whole year. A Jewel was presented and the Chairman had the honour to represent Tangent at the Ladies’ Circle Annual General Meeting in 1968 for the first time. The National Association of Tangent Clubs was formed in 1970. The Chairman became the President, a Vice-President was elected and, with the Immediate Past President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and, from 1982, the Sales and Regalia Officer and from 2011, the Editor and Web Site Coordinator, form the National Executive. The National Association retained the minimum of rules with Clubs making their own ruling regarding the election of their own officers and times of their meetings.

Members of Tangent will mostly be, or will have been, a member of the Ladies circle or the wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table. With effect from the AGM held in Southport on the 18th April 2009 Clubs may, at their discresion, accept as members individuals for whom membership of Ladies Circle was not possible.