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History in the making!

History in the making!

Following on from my previous report, I can now advise that the inaugural meeting of Tangent Club International (TCI) took place on Saturday 26th October 2013 after the Tangent Sweden HYM (half year meeting) held at Orenas Castle, Sweden.

A momentous occasion for all concerned and for the future of Tangent worldwide.

The HYM meeting started at 11.00am with the lighting of candles of friendship. There were three candles; purple lit by Susanne Korduner (founder member of Tangent Sweden); a red candle was lit for Ladies Circle Sweden and a silver candle for Tangent International.

All present then proceeded to join in “speed dating”! Each member was given a number and had to join a group with everyone else who had the same number. You then introduced yourself to each other and chatted. The idea was to get members, from both Tangent clubs and Ladies Circles from different countries, to learn more about each other and their clubs. The HYM meeting was conducted in Swedish and this included the chartering of a new Tangent Club from Sweden. The meeting finished by 12 noon and was promptly followed by the inaugural meeting of TCI.

Susanne Norager from Tangent Denmark was elected Chairman of the TCI Inaugural meeting. Once again the lighting of the candle of friendship took place. Immediate Past President of Ladies Circle International Gitte Hoyer lit a candle on behalf of LCI. Immediate Past 41-Club International President KK was asked to light a candle on behalf of 41-Club International and Past President Gill Preston GB&I was asked to light the first ever candle of friendship for Tangent Club International.

Tangent GB&I has been invited to become a founder member of TCI, together with Tangent Denmark, Tangent Norway and Tangent Sweden. The decision to join in with the Nordic Clubs and become a founder member has not been finalised. The Executive of Tangent GB&I accepted the invitation to become a founder member but made clear that such acceptance was could not, at this time, be unconditional. It was also made clear, both during the preparations for the meeting and indeed to all present at the meeting itself that, as the Tangent GB&I Executive remains without a formal authority from the national membership, such signature therefore could not be unconditional.

After a long “gestation” period, endeavours to establish TCI have advanced very rapidly over the last few months, primarily driven by the Nordic clubs. In light of that clear progress, the view of the NATC Executive is that Tangent GB&I, as the first such organisation worldwide, should be a founder member of TCI if such is to be established. It is therefore the intention of the NATC Executive to now prepare and submit to the AGM 2014 a formal report and proposal with recommendation in support of unqualified founder membership of TCI.

If so approved, the qualified signatures to the Founding Declaration, given at the inaugural meeting, can be confirmed during the formal Charter Meeting of TCI scheduled for May 2014. Until such authority of the NATC membership as a whole is given, founder membership of TCI remains qualified and conditional.

At the conclusion of the inaugural meeting one could not be unaware of the overwhelming feelings of friendship and support to the establishment of TCI. Best wishes were offered by all countries represented at the meeting, including from Tangent India which has already expressed a desire to join with TCI soon.

In the interim however, the NATC Executive will continue to work pro-actively with the TCI Nordic clubs to finalise organisational and administrative matters for the future of TCI worldwide. These outstanding issues are all expected to be completed by the Charter Meeting of TCI.

The only document signed by both National President Karen, and me as NATC IPP, was a formal Declaration in support of the establishment of TCI. This Declaration was signed unconditionally by the Presidents and IROs of Tangents clubs from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Your National Executive considers that this matter is of such importance to the future of Tangent clubs, both nationally and worldwide, that a full report will be included with documents to be sent to all NATC clubs in advance of the AGM. This report will give a full explanation and justification for the proposal to be made by the Exec at that AGM 2014. That proposal will carry the recommendation of the Executive for approval. Our ongoing work will include detailed consideration of all our Associate member clubs and their future position in relation to TCI.

For more information about TCI visit the website

I will conclude by saying that the week-end in Sweden was a true example of what our organisation is all about. Fun and friendship in abundance not only from 41-Club and Tangent members but Round Table and Ladies Circle. This was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends but more importantly to make new friends from around the world.