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Executive Administrator – Doreen Lovett

Executive Administrator – Doreen Lovett


I’m Doreen Lovett and I am in 2 Tangent Clubs; Cheadle and Gatley and The Dragons which formed out of the Llandudno Conference Committee.

I have always taken an active role in both Circle and Tangent as I believe the more you put in the more you get out, and I have definitely got a lot out! My motto in life is that if there is no good reason to say no, say yes. As you can imagine that’s got me into all sorts of trouble, but mostly it has meant that I have got to see and do things that are often out of my comfort zone.

I am married to Kevin, and have been for 18 years. He is a member of Cheadle and Gatley and Dragons 41 Clubs, and has just become 41 Club National Treasurer. Between us we have 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. No grandchildren but a grand cat!

I run my own solicitors practice in Cheadle and I love meeting new people and finding out about them. I love music and like to dance and you will often find me on a dance floor. I like to travel and visit new places, which I do whenever I can, although unfortunately that will be curtailed in the near future.

This is my second year on the National Executive. I spent last year getting to know the ropes and my national geography, which by nature is poor, improved no end as a result of receiving all the information from local clubs. This year is like no other and will be challenging for us all, but hopefully we will all meet those challenges and find new ways to keep in touch with each other. It was lovely getting out to meet so many of you at lunches, balls and National Events and I hope this will be possible again as this year progresses.


Yours in continued friendship


Executive Administrator 2019-2021

[email protected]