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Executive Administrator – Jilly King

Executive Administrator – Jilly King

Jilly King

My name is Jilly King and I am your National Executive Administrator for the years 2017 to 2019.

I have been on the National Exec before as your National Treasurer a couple of years ago.

I was thinking of continuing on the Exec at the time if you would have had me but my husband had a very serious operation and I decided that my time was best spent at home!

In 2016 my husband sadly died and my friends encouraged me to stand for the National Admin job a few months later and I am so glad I did!

I am certainly busy now – I run my husband’s business, carry out all my Tangent duties and look after my new little grandchild, a very busy social life and suddenly I am busy again which is great!

The Admin job is very busy, much more so than the Treasurer’s job or maybe is just that being an accountant it did not come hard to me! The Admin job is a good one to do as it keeps you involved in all the Tangent clubs activities, the regional lunches and I receive all the club changes which are processed onto a massive spreadsheet for distribution to the secretary and the Editor so the idea is all information about Tangent Clubs goes to the correct address one way or another! We don’t always get it right but with over 550 clubs and over 11,000 members it certainly keeps us going!

My family consists of two sons and a daughter, my eldest son Jonathan runs the business with me and got married to Clare last year and my younger son works for Trailfinders and lives in London and my daughter and her husband live very near me and had a baby last November!

Please contact me if you feel your club would like to run a regional lunch – we need a club to organise the South East Regional Lunch in 2019 – November time and the South West Regional Lunch in 2019 – September time.  All the others are on the way now for next year.

And please send in your directory forms downloaded from the website every year as it is very important for us to keep your records up to date and for this year in particular we need them to cover our responsibility to GDPR.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon. 

Jilly King National Executive Administrator 2017-2019

[email protected]