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Constitution & Rules

Constitution & Rules

Constitution and Rules of The National Association of Tangent Clubs

  1. NAME

The Association shall be called ‘The National Association of Tangent Clubs’  (hereinafter called ‘The Association’)


2.1   The purposes of the Association shall be:

(a)   to link together Tangent Clubs

(b)   to promote amongst Tangent Clubs the continuation and extension of friendships made in Ladies Circle

(c)  to help Ladies Circle when requested.

(d)   to work side by side with all members of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club.

(e)   Tangent Clubs may provide community service and raise funds for good causes locally, nationally and internationally.



3.1   The clubs constituting the Association shall be those affiliated from time to time.

3.2   Power of admission of clubs to affiliation and expulsion there-from shall be vested in the Executive.

3.3   Clubs can only be affiliated whose members comply with the following conditions:

(a)     members shall be or have been, a member of Ladies Circle, the wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table

(b)      individuals not eligible for membership under rule 3.3a) and for whom membership of Ladies Circle is not possible are invited to become members at the discretion of the Club

(c)      transfer members complying with Rule 3.3a) or 3.3b) are accepted

(d)      founding members of Tangent Clubs must comply with Rule 3.3a)

(e)      honorary members not eligible for membership under rules 3.3a) or 3.3b) are appointed annually at the discretion of the club

3.4   An individual, eligible for membership under rule 3.3, may become an Independent member of the Association on payment of the Annual Capitation fee for this category of membership.  Each Independent member will personally receive all mailings together with a copy of the Directory and National Annual General Meeting Minutes.

3.5   Any Club wishing to disaffiliate from the National Association is required to hold a secret ballot of ALL MEMBERS.  Should this ballot result in two or more members wishing to continue to be affiliated then the Club should remain open and affiliated to the National Association.   Those members who do not wish to continue may leave but they would be deemed to have resigned from the Club.

3.6   A Club is an Affiliated Club only when it has paid its full Capitation by the required date.



4.1   Overseas Tangent Clubs affiliated to National Association Tangent Clubs shall be deemed Associate Member Clubs. (Overseas Clubs means any Club located outside the British Isles, that is, outside England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

4.2   Associate Membership shall be subject to the following provisions:

(a)   Power of admission of clubs to affiliation and expulsion there-from shall be vested in the Executive.

(b)   The Executive shall determine the Affiliation Fee and Annual Associate Club Membership Fee.

(c)   Associate Member Clubs shall be entitled to adopt Aims and Objects, Membership Rules and Regalia of their own choosing.

(d)   The Associate Member Club shall be entitled to all the privileges enjoyed by other constituent Clubs of National Association of Tangent Clubs except for the following: No member of an Associate Club will be eligible to stand for National Office of National Association of Tangent Clubs.



5.1   The Officers of the Association shall be the National President, National Vice-President, Immediate Past National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer, National Sales and Regalia officer, National Editor and Website Coordinator and National Executive Administrator, who shall hold office until they resign or until their term of office expires, whichever happens first.

5.2  The Officers (with the exception of the National President, which is a three-year role, including Vice President and Immediate Past President) shall be elected for a term of two years, by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. Except that in the event of the resignation or death of an officer in which event the person elected to replace such officer shall hold office for the residue of the period of two years.

5.2.1 In the event of there not being a candidate for any of the vacant positions on the National Executive the following procedure will take place. Nominations will re-open at the end of the National Annual General Meeting and a new nomination form will be distributed with the May mailings at the end of May.  The nomination form will be returnable by the end of June.  A postal ballot form will be distributed with the July mailing and must be returned, fully completed, to the National Secretary by 31st August. The result will be announced in September.

5.3   The Executive may appoint from members of affiliated clubs another person to fill a casual Officer vacancy.



6.1  here shall be an Executive Committee of the Association (herein called ‘the Executive’) consisting of the Officers of the Association.

6.2  The Executive shall meet as and when the National President shall direct.

6.3  The Association shall be controlled and managed by the Executive.



7.1   The National Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of April in each year.

7.2   The Agenda for the business to be conducted at the National Annual General Meeting shall be determined by the Executive.

7.3   Resolutions and Nominations for National Office shall be forwarded to the Association’s Secretary at least three months prior to the meeting. In the event of no nomination for any office being received by the closing date, nominations may be received for any such office until immediately prior to voting for that office.

7.4   Every affiliate club shall be entitled to one vote by a member delegated by name from each club. If a Tangent Club is unable to send a Voting Delegate from their own Tangent to the National Annual General Meeting, a Proxy Delegate may be nominated as follows:

7.4.1   The Proxy Delegate must be an active Tangent member.

7.4.2   The Proxy Delegate must have clear written instructions of the way she should vote on National Annual General Meeting Agenda items. The instructions should be signed and dated by two members of the instructing club, ideally the Secretary and Chairman. This may be an annotated National Annual General Meeting Agenda, or Minutes of the meeting when the Agenda is discussed.

7.4.3   A maximum of two votes can be held by a Voting delegate or Proxy delegate.

7.5   Speeches from the floor shall be limited to three minutes.

7.6  Any motion defeated at a National Annual General Meeting shall not be raised again at the following National Annual General Meeting’.

7.7   The year of the Association shall end on 30th April.

7.8   Each Tangent Club is to provide an email address which can be added to the club list on the Tangent National website to improve communication.



8.1   In an emergency the Executive may arrange for a Special General Meeting to be held.



9.1   The financial year of the Association shall be from 1st January to 31st December following.

9.2   At its National Annual General Meeting the Association shall approve a budget and also determine the capitation fee payable per:

(a)   Member of each affiliated club or

(b)   Independent member for the year commencing at 30th April.

9.3   The National President’s out of pocket expenses shall be reviewed annually.

9.4   The necessary travelling expenses of the National President and National Executive shall be met.

9.5   Any motion concerning financial matters can be raised at any National Annual General Meeting under the Treasurer’s report.

9.6   The Annual Accounts shall be independently reviewed by a member of a recognised professional body before the National Annual General Meeting next, following the end of the relevant financial year.


  1. RULES

10.1   The rules shall not be altered save by a majority of those Delegates present and voting at a General Meeting of the Association.

10.2   All Club Annual General Meetings to take place before 30th April, so that the Directory can be circulated to all clubs as soon as possible in the Association year.

10.3   All Regalia to be ordered through the Regalia Officer

10.4   On receipt of an application to affiliate from a group of Circlers or Ex-circlers, where an affiliated Tangent Club is known to exist, the National Executive should courteously extend the opportunity for the existing club to express their views.



11.1 Candidate selection

From 2019 (Vice-President) and 2020 (Secretary and Treasurer) open elections will be held for the TCI Board.  Members will be eligible for nomination as a TCI officer as per TCI guidelines.

11.2 Voting

The decision on how to vote for all TCI matters included in AGM or HYM agendas should, where possible, be agreed by the voting delegates at the NATC AGM.  For all TCI meetings occurring in advance of the NATC AGM meetings, voting can be decided by the National Executive.

11.3 Resolutions

Resolutions to be submitted to the TCI AGM must have prior approval of the NATC Executive.