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Welcome to Tangent

“Let Friendship Continue” Tangent Logo

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution...

    Please support Presidents’ Sue and...

    Please support Presidents’ Sue and Andrew’s chosen charity – The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  For more information on how you [...]

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    Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • NATC Executive 2019...

    Please welcome the new National...

    Please welcome the new National Executive 2019 – 2020 From left to right: Kate: [email protected] Doreen: [email protected] Heather: [email protected] Jill: [...]

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    NATC Executive 2019
  • Member Benefits...

    Being a member of the...

    Being a member of the Association brings with it many benefits, and we are pleased to share with you the [...]

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  • TEAM APP...


     TEAM APP FOR TANGENT Team App is free and we have used this to create a Tangent Clubs app that can [...]

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  • Gmail Help if you...

    Have you received an email...

    Have you received an email about Google+ changes and do you need help? If so check if you use Google+ [...]

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  • Tangent Shop...

    Follow the link to the...

    Follow the link to the Tangent Shop to buy Tangent goods, personalised items and regalia. [...]

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    Tangent Shop



About Tangent Clubs

The National Association of Tangent Clubs is an organisation for women, mainly aged over 45, with a focus on making friends and enjoying a programme of interesting and fun activities, eating out, theatre, walks as well as sometimes supporting local and national causes through fundraising events.

We enjoy the fellowship of Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club and together we are the 4 Club Round Table Family. We also have links with Tangent Clubs across the world and are part of Tangent Club International. Tangent Clubs can be found across Great Britain– why not take a look around our website and using the Club Finder, look for a club near you! Click here to find your nearest club using our interactive Club Finder directory.