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National Executive 2017 – 18

President – Melodie Brookes

President – Melodie Brookes

Melodie Brookes National President 2017 -18

Hello Ladies,


As your new National President I will do my best to uphold all the best things about our Association, and I am proud to take on the responsibility of caring for it for the coming year. This is my 6th consecutive year on the National Executive and I am looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable time with you all. Congratulations to all the  National Executive Officers and to all the Tangent club chairmen for 2017-18.

To fit with my name, I have chosen as my theme for the year – ‘Together in Harmony’. I first used this for my year as Chairman of Ladies Circle Area 36. With your help I aim to raise the profile of our Association, so please remember to publicise regularly the fun you have in ‘taking part’ whether it’s getting together, giving practical help, or being involved in fund-raising events. Be proud to be positive in the name of Tangent. The Tangent yellow is such a sunny, cheerful colour and I will be using it often during the year.

I have chosen to support the British Association for Music Therapy with any money that is raised, to extend the provision of music therapy to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Having spent my working life involved in music education I have seen the beneficial effects of participating in musical activity. It can benefit all ages from prenatal to end of life and it can facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication, through the engagement in live musical interaction between client and therapist. It enables people, who through a variety of circumstances, would otherwise remain isolated, to connect with the world and express themselves.

Our two big fund-raising events will take place in or near Salisbury. The dates are easy to remember – the Lunch on the 9th of the 9th, (9th September t2017) and 3rd of the 3rd (3 March 2018).  There are more details on the website under “Lunches & Events”.

I look forward with pleasure to sharing my special year with Gerd-Inger Kaasen, President of Tangent Clubs International; Ginette May, Ladies Circle President; Dave Campbell, President of 41 Club; Steve Grew, Round Table President; Joan Henderson, our Tangent Liaison Officer for next year’s Belfast Conference, & all those lovely ladies organising Regional Lunches. I wish them every success.

I would to express my thanks to my husband Nigel, members of Salisbury Tangent 389 and their partners, and of course you, for past and ongoing, great support.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Yours in continued friendship,


Let friendship continue.

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