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National Executive 2017 – 18

Editor and Website – Morag Daley

Editor and Website – Morag Daley


I am delighted to be your Editor and Website Coordinator.

 Please send your articles and photos (as attachments) to me: [email protected]

Deadline for the forthcoming magazine will be 11th September 2017

I am hoping that the forthcoming magazine will have an “every picture tells a story”; so please send me your photos and let me know the story behind them. Try to choose your photos carefully as the clearer they are, the better they appear in print!

Please share your news about how your club has recruited new members, tell us about your activities, your fundraising AND use the website to promote your special events – anything that you think would be of interest to others! Enthusiasm is infectious so please share –  that’s what makes our club special!

Are you a member of our Tangent Facebook Group page? If not, why not join?… it’s a great way to keep up with other members and also to find out what’s happening. To find out more, click here Tangent Facebook Group

Why not follow Tangent Clubs on Twitter?

I am looking forward to meeting as many people as possible at the regional lunches. Come over and say hello!

REMEMBER the deadline for the forthcoming magazine will be 11th September 2017

Please do keep in touch!

Yours in continued friendship

Morag Daley x

[email protected]