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International News

International News

Welcome to our International Page

It was an exciting moment in Denmark in 2014 when the National Association of Tangent Clubs Great Britain, became a founder member of Tangent Club International.

We are keen to extend the hand of friendship to members of Tangent Clubs across the world and so it was a moving moment when we were able to Charter Tangent Ukraine following the Irish lunch on 28th March 2015.

You will find international clubs on our Club Finder and we will update information from clubs abroad as they provide it.

Please note that information on the directory page is for members use only and may ONLY BE USED for TANGENT  BUSINESS. When you open the directory page  you are implicitly agreeing with this statement.

International News

Ladies Circle International – as vibrant as ever! To read all about their activities ,Click here

All4Nepal – to read the latest update on this important project, click here All4nepal update No4

First National AGM of Tangent Norway

in Kristiansand, Norway 6.- 8. June 2014

Tangent Club India Newsletter – March 2015

Tangent Club Cyprus Newsletter – March 2015

International Progress

Questionnaire reply’s and Progress on Tangent International

TCI Rules


Newsletter – December 2013



Newsletter – April 2017



History in the making!

The inaugural meeting of Tangent Club International (TCI)

Tangent around the world

Article submitted to the International ‘Hinge’ magazine.

Denmark AGM 2013

Once again it was my pleasure to represent Tangent at the joint Tangent / Ex Table Denmark Conference.

NATC/AGORA Meeting 25th March 2013

I was so pleased to be able to facilitate this meeting before I ended my year as IRO 2012-13…

Exciting News on the formation of Tangent International!

I am delighted to report that great strides continue to be taken towards the establishment of Tangent International…

Chartering of Tangent Norge on Saturday 1st June 2013

I first had the pleasure of meeting Berit and Gerd-Inger when we all attended the 30th Anniversary of Tangent Denmark last October…

Chartering of Ladies Circle Lisbon

This was a very special occasion held in conjunction with the NAGM of Round Table at the Expo Site on the river banks…

Tangent Denmark 30 Charter Anniversary 2012

On Saturday 27 October 2012 Tangent Denmark celebrated their 30 Charter Anniversary…

More from Tangent Internationally

India, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and LCI.

AGM Tangent Germany

9th – 11th May 2014 in Bielefeld

Agora, Questions and Answers

Tangent Club International AGM

Limassol, Cyprus – 24th – 26th April 2015

Blackpool – 21st April 2017

International Diary Dates